Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Proposal + Bon Odori 2009

Got free tickets to watch the screening of the movie The Proposal. Went with Warren and we had another movie after that, Ice Age 3. Picture courtesy from TIC. Thanks for featuring.

Bon Odori 2009

Japanese family. Cute.

Japanese beer?

Amy, forgot the name sorry, Sheaumun, Ryan

Was busy talking on the phone the whole time -_-''


Playing a fool

Our backs

Heaps of people!


Awkward smile.

SM taking pictures.

Talking on the phone again.


Peace, Japanese version.


1 again.

4. Don't know where 2 and 3 went. LOL

Cute girl and her mama.

She looked so lost because everyone was capturing her pictures at the same time and at one point when 1 of the cameras flashed she cried! Poor child!



Cutie pies!

Hand in hand

Love this picture :D from Pik Yuet's cam :)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Lap Sap = Rubbish Not!

Got an online facebook invitation to attend the Lap Sap 2nd Anniversary Party at Palate Palette last Wednesday. I was very keen to attend the event because...

1. I want to partayyyy!!
2. Free flow of drinks.
3. Can bring as many friends as you want! (too bad cause all my friends declined me as they are no longer interested in clubbing/partying/anything to do with dressing up and drinking) So I ended up going with my cousin. He was so nice he totally said yes over the msn. Hehe!

Loving Heineken! And it's free!

The beach-like interior.

He was sitting on a log can you believe it. LOL!

Flowers on the table.

Stamped hands as proof.

Camwhore queen + camwhore MOTH! lol.



Dancing room upstairs. Friggin' packed!

Peacock wall.

Drunkard cousin!!!!

Blood related though only minor percentage!

Toilet. lol

Carousel horse.


There's light.

Kisses to beer.

Chilly drink is good when it's crazily stuffy inside the room.

My lovely shoes from Dainty dresser.

Smoky effect.

Sasha the great dancer.

Playing DJ.

The Lapsap Crew.

Sitting outside getting some fresh air..

Outfit of the night.
Flowery zip up dress: Online, Ugly duckling
White peplum skirt: Online, Dainty dresser
Killer black shoes: Online, Dainty dresser
Headband: Online
Belt: Zara
Bangles: Assorted

First time doing such a girlish dress up.

The place.

Mamak in the midst of the party. Serious look cause it was totally candid. Was focusing on something.

Peace out.

What you see is what you get.

Getting crazy.



Party people.

Dancing to the music.

Lol. Love the picture.

It was crazy.

Event organizer standing on the window still.

Packed to the brim.

Piggy back!

Party popper.

And it all flies down!


p/s: Will be away for a week! Don't miss me too much. I'll be back XD