Friday, January 23, 2009

When working hard is not enough

For example,

1. In love relationships

2. Trying to lose weight. (on my personal account)

3. Friggin' Russian Education/ Examination System!!

What represents Russia.

Just finished my exam today, the final one for this semester. Yea, nothing much to say. I did my best, result wasn't what I wanted because nothing is fair in Russia. If you get an easy teacher, you ace easily. Well, if you're unlucky, you'll be close to failing the exam!!

Quote from a friend,

'When sit for exam in Russia, its better to have 80% of luck and 20% of knowledge than to have 20% luck and 80% of knowledge!'

Well, looking on the bright side, I'll be leaving for my VACATION very very very soon. Not going to tell you guys when, but you guys will probably get the drift when I stop appearing online and updating the blog. But no worries! Keep browsing till one day you see a new and exciting post ok?

Till then,
Bye readers!

(ok, most of my readers are my friends so I should say, friends!)

HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, January 20, 2009


It was already 3.45am in the morning, he has yet to budge from his workplace since dinner at Chinatown that he had with his bunch of friends. He yawned and scratched his messy turf of hair in frustration as he cracked his head for ideas. It was for his latest project, the professor had instructed the whole class to complete. It was the final one as it was nearing the end of the semester, winter holidays officially kicking off next week. Gosh, freedom felt so near yet so far! He had just replied a few emails over facebook. Yea, it was the latest buzz for young adults like him. He stretched the long legs of his as they felt numb after sitting on the rigid chair for too long. He decided to make himself a cup of coffee to keep himself awake.

At the age of 23, he majors in Photography at the University of the Arts London. It is a dream come true, his passion, his destiny. The route for him to understand more about different art forms. The long lower limbs is trait that his father had skillfully passed on to him. Towering over 6'1 feet tall, with brooding shoulders, short crop dark hair, he stands out pretty well from the average crowd. His face is no exception. The fair smooth skin, the thick but nicely shaped eyebrows, the sharp nose which is a bonus since he is after all, purely oriental, the lustrous lips which he luckily inherited from his mom. All of them sum up to a face qualify to be labeled as 'pretty boy'.

In contrary, he actually detests the nick. Too much of those words in his life forces him to cringe whenever someone tries to compliment him. He is forever humble of his undeniable good looks, never is the cocky man that everyone thinks he is. He does not want people to judge him from his looks, his achievements but rather just accept him as just a normal undergrad. He had a modeling background but decided to quit because he wasn't happy. He can't develop much from there. Over the past few years, he has involved himself in making low budget movies, being honored with the job as assistant director at one point, and did some post production work on his own short-film. All in all it has been a great experience for him.

Art is his middle name. It runs through his blood. He lives his life exploring the subject he loves so much, it is an adventure for him. A wonderful one I might add.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Of Absinthe & Papa John's

For those who are stuck in Malaysia, boohoo, Sorry, but there's no way you can get liquors like Absinthe since it is banned in most countries, unlike Mother Russia, Country of Booze and Ciggies.

For me, this is the 1st time since forever that I actually have what I called as the Golden Opportunity to try it out. I know people call me noob, but I am not exactly like what people stereotype me as The Clubbing Girl (one who boozes, smokes, clubs a lot). But really I haven't touch Absinthe before and the last time I drank vodka well, fine, wasn't that long. It was during New Year's eve, and that was after like what? A year or so?

Fine. To sum it all up, I am not much of a drinker unless the people I hang out with drinks. Khim and Yus (Khim's boifee) came over to have lunch with me at the infamous 'MORE SUSHI' a few days ago which I have been recommending to people I know especially if they are not from M2 to come and give it a try. So far so good, 3 peeps from different circle of friends of mine have been to the restaurant with me, so I assume, I am quite good at coaxing people? Hehe.

But I am sure it wasn't a disappointment for Khim and Yus, as the lunch set was fine and Yus liked the Chicken chop very much, which was my favorite set too.

Khim wanted to visit Harmeet who is staying in her own apartment. I decided to join them since it has been a LONG LONG time since the last I had actually hung out with Harmeet. Like what? 3 years or so. And guess what, she has a whole load of liquors stacked in her fridge and in her kitchen rack. We ransacked her fridge and found a 'chilled' Absinthe lying there pathetically.

Harmeet was like 'Come, let's drink Absinthe!'. And I just screamed 'Weee, I want to try, I want to try!' like some 6 year old at the sight of the latest Barbie doll collection. The rest gave me the 'bored' look, probably because they hated the drink and had tried them since ages ago? But I couldn't be bothered.

She did it the ACTUAL way of making the best glass of Absinthe.


2 glasses
Few rocks of ice
Half glass of plain water
A metal spoon
A cube of sugar

1. Put some ice into an empty glass and pour the half glass of plain water in.
2. Put that cube of sugar on the metal spoon and light up the sugar.
3. Hold the spoon with the lighted sugar above another glass with Absinthe (not too much) and wait till the sugar nearly burn off.
4. Immediately put the spoon inside the glass with Absinthe and watch as the fire burns the liquor (looks super cool).
5. After awhile, just pour the glass with the iced water into the other glass and stir.
6. Bottoms up people!

Ok, I had 2 glasses of that. First it tasted darn good. But the second one was awful cause there weren't any sugar cubes left, have to settle for the normal spoon of sugar which wasn't enough apparently.

As it burns away.

Lighted sugar with Absinthe in the glass.

My 2nd glass: The lighted spoon of sugar.

We ordered Papa John's BBQ large Pizza and ordered Yus to go to the nearest supermarket to get us Carbonated drinks + Junks + their stack of Ciggies as usual. The pizza was TOTALLY AWESOME! And I haven't had so much fun since the longest time. We laughed our ass off, gossiped about people (that I actually don't know cause they are from M1), talking real encounters with the spirits of unknown which caused everyone to freak out, making fun of Yus, crapping away, etc.

Finally had to leave Harmeet's place at half past eight at night because I was feeling guilty since Dermatology Exam is 2 days away. Haha. Took some pictures as memory. Here goes.

Amyksy & Khim.

Girl, you're so nice to hang out with!

When she ignored me, I took pictures :P

Haha, this was the moment when we made fun of Yus and he was so shy. Haha.

Look what's above us, and what's between the both of us.
Get the idea?

Kept forcing her to take pictures with me.

When is the next hang out session? :(

Of them happy moments.

The fluffy pillow I kept hugging.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It comes in pairs

Is it just me or do you guys notice that your friends start to change once they started dating 'seriously'?

Once upon a time when you guys were hot, young, single and happytreefriends, you'll go everywhere together, like Siamese twins, hand in hand, flirtatiously flipping your long silky hairs together like in Gossip Girl, going window shopping without having to worry about curfews and whoever that needs to be contacted every 5 minutes or so.

And when the devil comes, when hormones start to reveal its ugly red horns, your circle of friends will seems to diminish to a petty few. Less of them agreeing on meet ups, a handful of them will actually go window shopping with you, and even lesser number of them for lunch dates, etc.

Sigh, I seem to be doomed with this boyfriend-less crisis now. Most (90%) of my friends are attached. To ask them to hang out is like coaxing a bull to climb up a tree. Totally utterly impossible. And even if they do agree on meeting up, it's not always a pleasant one.


Because things come in package now that she's attached.


Yes, we are physically attached to each other.

Suddenly the boyfriend tags along like breastfeeding baby to his lactating Mom.

Go shopping? Ok, bf tags along. He can hold our shopping bags for us.

Go for lunch? Ok, my bf needs to eat too.

Go for movies? Oh, he haven't watch this movie. Can he come?

How can you say no? She's your friend for Pete's sake! (just an expression)

You'll feel totally neglected, useless, emotional and abandoned. Like you're the extra limb that has to be severed from otherwise a perfect body.

Aih, where art thou, single girl friends? I need you!

p/s: Derma exam tomorrow. All the best!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Frozen but delightful.


Chatted with one of my close relatives today and found out some useful information about the economical situation now. What they call as 'crisis crunch /credit crunch'. It's affecting the two most powerful continents of the world namely, The States and UK. This has been happening since October 2008. I have been well-hidden under my shell so long, oblivious to what's happening around me I felt so stupid while registering the things we discussed about.

Apparently the bank is suffering shortage of cash due to the 'sloppy control of traffic' of the outflow of cash which have been commencing for quite a few years and now the worst is kicking in. To relive the problems they have decided to put a halt in giving out mortgages till further notice in April 2009. *info taken according to UK*

In short, those who are doing investments and wishes to get loan from the bank. Sorry man, but you're in DEEP SHIT.


This person is having this problem. Gave a deposit of roughly 200k rm for the investment and was suppose to get loan from the bank until the crisis took over. Needless to say, if he/she doesn't come up with the rest of the money (which the person can't cause of the problems with the bank), the deposits will be down the drain, swallowed by the developers. If you're ever on his/her shoe, what would you do?

But wait, then again, readers, you're only just about my age, which is early twenties I suppose, I don't think we are liable to having this kind of situation till another 5 years down the road?

But we can help too.



Stop using your credit card already!

It's not your money. Please do not think of it as extra cash that you can splurge on.

Many of them youngsters, used their credit card to their highest limit, and have problems PAYING BACK. Most ended up declaring 'bankruptcy' so that they don't need to pay back the money that they owe.

Smart move? I don't think so.

So think twice people before rolling your credit card for shopping or dining out :)

p/s: Just feel like sharing this info out. But then again, I secretly wish I can go to London now and do MASSIVE SHOPPING spree since it's only 5.0 in comparison with the strong 7.0 currency exchange last year. Aih, but SELF-CONTROL man, self-control.


Some pictures I stole from theFbook, taken by Asrul during the Ice Sculpture Festival event. I wish I saw more of them sculptures but it was really too cold to venture even a single step into the garden of ice.

Beautiful flower lights

Bear with the tree.

The kid was doing the Superman thing while sliding.

Ok, I'll just stick to the old traditional way. Haha

ITS KLCC ON ICE!!!! again, KLCC!!

Oh, we just love to take pictures.

With the Malay seniors.

Ok, the President of SMSA (M1), Faiz, with your blogger.

Frozen table.

Embracing my roots!

Again, Malaysia BOLEH!!

I like the tunnel actually.

Sitting next to the green lady.

MCD afterwards. Food never tasted that good before.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Been out the past few days, felt the heavy burden finally heaved off my tense shoulders. The past two weeks had been a total torture. Caged in my own premise, can't go out as Jiin's back to Malaysia and has no time to entertain me :P, leaving the rest of the boring people here who refuses to leave their den no matter what. I had no choice but to bury my nose in books, watch tons of movies and chat with the same old people daily to pass time.

I really hate the period when you've got too much time in your hand to waste, and you can't do anything about it. Just staring at the clock as every painstakingly long second ticks away, hoping the exam season will be over as fast as possible and for me to leave this depressing place!

*Now I sound emotionally stressed :P*

Was online window-shopping and stumbled upon this picture of Agyness, the infamous model with her SUPER COOL blond short hair! Totally love her looks, not every girl can carry that kind of style. :) Maybe I can? Haha, still torn over having short or long hair now.

You're so cool.

Rock look

Street fashion. Totally 'yeng'.


Ice Sculpture 2009

It was -20 degrees that day. Super cold!

Pretty Malay Senior, Lisa :)

Faizi, senior in M1.

Me with Nikon D60. Took a few experimental pictures with Canon 450D. The feeling's awesome. Just maybe I will get a dslr too. Maybe. :P

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Sorry Babushka

One sentence summed the whole night.

It was crazy!

We were supposed to go to Fabrique, the infamous club that Jasvyn had been talking about since a year ago. Unfortunately, we did not get the chance to go even after she left for good. Ann was talking about again and I thought, 'Why not?' since it's holidays now, prior to 2 deadly exams that is!

5 of us ventured on a freezing night out that will be imprinted on our minds for some time. That I am sure. Fabrique's face control turned out to be downright cruel and we were forced to change venue. After club-hopping (as most of the clubs were closed due to the festive season), we crashed Sorry Babushka, a mid-class club.

Again, to my disappointment they were playing techno and trace which bores me to death. Russians just don't know how to appreciate R&B and a little House. Cam-whored as usual and danced a little. I was actually ogling at the beauties that were dirty-dancing there.

We spent quite an amount of cash just on transportation alone, and the temperature was around -12 which was overwhelming because we weren't exactly dressed to stay out in the cold that long. My toes nearly got frost-bitten. Which was why I said the night was crazy from the beginning!

Headed home early as one of us wasn't feeling well.


Better luck next time. LOL!


Me, looking oh-so-serious.

The view.


This dancer is hot. All of them are skimpily dressed.

Smart-cooperate clubbing girl vs Rocker chic.

Ordering drinks.

What was I thinking?

Goodbye to you, Sorry Babushka. No, I am not going to visit you again.

Loving my outfit for the night.