Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It comes in pairs

Is it just me or do you guys notice that your friends start to change once they started dating 'seriously'?

Once upon a time when you guys were hot, young, single and happytreefriends, you'll go everywhere together, like Siamese twins, hand in hand, flirtatiously flipping your long silky hairs together like in Gossip Girl, going window shopping without having to worry about curfews and whoever that needs to be contacted every 5 minutes or so.

And when the devil comes, when hormones start to reveal its ugly red horns, your circle of friends will seems to diminish to a petty few. Less of them agreeing on meet ups, a handful of them will actually go window shopping with you, and even lesser number of them for lunch dates, etc.

Sigh, I seem to be doomed with this boyfriend-less crisis now. Most (90%) of my friends are attached. To ask them to hang out is like coaxing a bull to climb up a tree. Totally utterly impossible. And even if they do agree on meeting up, it's not always a pleasant one.


Because things come in package now that she's attached.


Yes, we are physically attached to each other.

Suddenly the boyfriend tags along like breastfeeding baby to his lactating Mom.

Go shopping? Ok, bf tags along. He can hold our shopping bags for us.

Go for lunch? Ok, my bf needs to eat too.

Go for movies? Oh, he haven't watch this movie. Can he come?

How can you say no? She's your friend for Pete's sake! (just an expression)

You'll feel totally neglected, useless, emotional and abandoned. Like you're the extra limb that has to be severed from otherwise a perfect body.

Aih, where art thou, single girl friends? I need you!

p/s: Derma exam tomorrow. All the best!


Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

I don't think you should feel this way, girl! The transition might be a bit hard to get used to but if you take their other halfs as one of you, I'm sure it'll be fine.

In the beginning I felt awkward having a guy around the both of us but after a while, it's pretty fun. When I was home with my bf.. I really can't leave him elsewhere and hang out with my bests, and I thought it was freaking weird.

Turned out, my friends like him and enjoyed his company very much. Sometimes we gotta remember, we ain't sweet 16 anymore :)

AmyKsy said...

No, my idea is, both mature partners should have their own circle of friends and for them to have their own space and time of their own? If they want to spend lovebirds time alone, then do all they want, but when friendships are concern, you can detach yourself from the bf for a maybe 2-3 hours to have a lunch date with your girl friends and have 'real' girl talks instead of having to 'accommodate' him in the conversation. I'm sure your girl friends find it hard to adapt too.

I just say it needs toleration and understanding btw friends as well as your bf to make things work la.

For me,life doesn't evolve around 'him/bf', it should be about you.

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Try not to think too much about this. One day it might just bite back, wei. But I do understand you.

Kay Renn said...

i totally agree with you Amy..once in a while bf can tag along but i still think a person should have some privacy and own circle of friends..leave some time for 'girls talk' or 'boys talk'..