Wednesday, April 30, 2008


April's ending and May's coming. The me a year ago was so blessful and happy. Standing where I am now and looking back, a sharp pain shoots deep in my heart. Remorseful, regretful, sadness that can't be utterly explained. Images of the happier times flashes right in front of my eyes, the mind playing its game. The me in May this time around? Will try and be happy too..

And you, you shall find your happiness one day, my best wishes to you..

~Sadness is always the legacy of the past, regrets are pains of the memory.~

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


-Day 1 of gambahteh-ness-

I think I overexercised today. Or maybe because I cut down my food intake drastically for the day. Going to keep up the work until Massad comes by this Sat. Lol. Just weighed myself, guess how heavy am I? You guys will have the shock of your life! After russian class today, the whole group proceeded going to Abu Cafe for lunch and I just look at my group mates happily munching those succulent chicken fillet and shaurma while I had to keep my mouth shut and shoo away all those food. Then went to Perekrestok and I started grabbing pears and tomatoes as my meals for these few days. I know you guys will start to complain and ask me not to do all this, but for 5 days of misery for a night of GLORY ^.^ I think it's worth it? Furthermore I'll be eating like a pig on that day muahahahahahaha!!!! :P

Went to the park with the gang for jogging and played badminton with some russian people and lost! Haha. Damn embarrassing. Came back, had a small bowl of cereal with milk and started my aerobics + pilates exercise with Ruey Ying, my 'mentor' who actually lost more than 10 kgs in the last few months. So thin and small size already now.

Fell so tired now I can barely move my body. Probably hitting the sack soon...ZzZZZZzzz..

I miss krispycreme!! :P

Monday, April 28, 2008

Kremlin sunny day~

Our lunch

Bright sunny Saturday. After a tiring but fun time the night before and having to hit the sack at 4am in the morning, I woke up around 12 and got ready to leave hostel for another shop outing to help me friend Anaand to find the perfect outfit for MASSAD. 3 of us left our home and decided to hit 'Planeta Sushi' for lunch. Wow. The food was GREAT. I am still salivating just thinking about it. The last time I went was during my birthday which was like 2 months ago. Soon after we began to walk around the centre snapping pictures like no one's business cause it's spring now!! The weather was so nice and with the perfect lighting, no one can stop me from posing man! Haha.

Went GUM, the most expensive shopping mall in Moscow. He bought 3 shirts from ZARA MAN. All 3 which I picked and asked him to try on. Rich fella. Went home around 7. Tired...

The bright sunny day outside

Unagi Maki..


Sayang Viv posing in front of the toilet mirror. I was applying my lip gloss. Haha

Anaand's 50rubles dessert..

Wedding many brides and bridegrooms on that day..

2nd couple..

Viv Anaand

Sunny sunny..

Pondering in front of the infamous ST BASIL

Me Likey!

Friends forever ya...

My Viv..


Crazy night out...

Only half of us

It has been ages since the last time a big group went out shopping, spent darn a lot on food & drinks & splurge on clothing at the same time! During our surgery class last Friday, we got a call from our Russian teacher wanting to cancel our Russian class for the day. We were ecstatic but worried at the same time cause this is the 3rd consecutive time we cancel our Russian class! Nevertheless, nearly the whole class went to Kievskaya mall for some food and shopping spree. I wasn't planning in spending at all as I have my full gear for MASSAD already. Maybe if I see some cool accessories that suits my dress I would consider buying it. We walked around the mall until we got tired and proceeded going to Coffee House for "FRAPPE" drink. The guys wanted to hang out outside the mall as it has a fountain and park to chill at. So we went to the super market and grab some drinks to 'thani'.

It was fun. We chilled until 12midnight singing our hearts out, having girls talk, posing in front of the cameras, doing crazy antics as well. I think this is the first time I had this kind of outing in Moscow for the last 3 years! Hope there are more of crazy moments like this to come in the future :)


Posers at the food court :P

Best of friends..

Posers on bench while the rest went to the loo..

Me likey the cap..


Failed jump shot

I am a 'hao poh' lol

Sunday, April 27, 2008

wat the....

The power of emotions. Sometimes people realizes things that you don't took notice of yourself. Actions that you portray in your movements. The intensity of the way you look. How you body language response to that particular object or person. The magic of 'feelings'. Strange as it may seem but extremely accurate. How do you know if that person is interested in you? It's all about body language and how they respond to you.

A friend commented on how I'll be completely captivated by the person's presence. No matter where or when. As long as the person is there, all attention will be devoted to that particular living thing only. Even though I don't realize it myself. Feelings that can't be thoroughly erased, and probably will never be...

Saturday, April 26, 2008

this caught my attention.

The Keys to Your Heart

You are attracted to those who have a split personality - cold as ice on the outside but hot as fire in the heart.

In love, you feel the most alive when things are straight-forward, and you're told that you're loved.

You'd like to your lover to think you are stylish and alluring.

You would be forced to break up with someone who was ruthless, cold-blooded, and sarcastic.

Your ideal relationship is open. Both of you can talk about everything... no secrets.

Your risk of cheating is zero. You care about society and morality. You would never break a commitment.

You think of marriage as something that will confine you. You are afraid of marriage.

In this moment, you think of love as commitment. Love only works when both people are totally devoted.

Monday, April 21, 2008


Time of the year has come. So many things to think about so many things to consider so many things to decide. Lol. No I am not talking about studies. I am talking about makeup & hairstyle. I know some of you are going to shoot me or kick me at the butt, but seriously now's the time when all the girls will fuss about what to wear, what to do with the hair, which makeup is most suitable for the occasion. Aih. Confusing..Wishing for a fairy god mother to provide me with a makeup artist and hairstylist :P

Was thinking of simple and nice?

Sweet and princess-like?

Totally love this look. But will it be too 'garang' or fierce? likey..haha but..too over?

p/s: 3 posts in a day. Proves one thing. I am too free!!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Wooot..Seeing their latest photo shoot on Couture Batik. It took my breath away! Omg. Most of them looked so gorgeous and professional. The dresses looked so pretty and expensive. Haha. Anyways. Here are the pictures taken. My favourite for now is.. ADELINE!!!! Way to go!! :)

Way to go Ringo! She looked so gorgeous in this picture. Looked like a pretty fairy :)

Yayayaya. Beautiful and cute Adeline. I think her expression is good and her whole look in this picture is impeccable. :)

Cindy. I think this is her best picture by far. Pretty face, GORGEOUS hair, nice shoulders, and a beautiful dress. BRAVO..

Hanis. Same facial expression. Not bad.

What is happening to you Jay? What's with that look? Sigh, you've got to get your engines running or you'll be out in the next round!

Nice dress but not sure bout her face though.

p/s: Just my bland comments. Feel free to disagree with me. Can't wait to watch the next episode! 3 girls will be eliminated but who?

when you eat too much..

The picture entitled 'Loving fat?'

My oh my, I broke my vow. I friggin' broke it! Lol. 1 kg heavier and half an inch fatter!!!!! :(
Spent the 2 weekend nights eating supper which consist of superbly fattening fried chicken drumsticks, fried eggs, cereals, tong sui, rendang chicken with rice, pepsi and a lot more!!!!! AAAaaaaAAaaa...watching movie is a dangerous past-time, especially when you're watching with your friends. If one gets hungry and start searching for food to eat, you'll be turned on too and join in for some 'jaw-exercise' as well. Aih aih, eating so much, so late, you can only imagine where the food goes when its all digested.

Not mentioning sucky weather that disallow me to actually do some outdoor exercises. Wish I could move my body more and produce more sweat. Ok, this whole post is devoted to me COMPLAINING. Haha.

Maybe should start the yogurt diet? Mmmmm, try ok? Guys don't tempt me with kuri grill or fried chic or anything fattening!!!

Just bought Massad ticket yesterday. Got the same seats as last year. Hopefully our table will be 'havoc' and fun. Hehe. Got my favorite 'boi' sitting with me. Lol. Anaand. Haha. Not gonna add the other word in front of the 'boi' just in case you got agitated..Nice to know you my friend :) Rendang chic rox..


I noticed that I always judge people before getting to know them well enough. Somehow if that person evokes my jealous senses, I will go all out into 'not liking' the person. Which is really really really bad. But when I start to get to know more about the person, I finally realize what a great and nice person that is, I'll start to regret the things I blurted when I was blinded with anger and jealousy and apologized profusely for my mistakes. Yet another lesson to be learn...

Saturday, April 19, 2008

PDA with friends

Abbreviations for Public Display of Affection. I am not talking between couples but between friends as well. Eg: If you're a girl and your close friend is a guy. I think it is considered alright and decent in other parts of the world, but I am not quite sure about it in Malaysia though. Other than the busy city of Kuala Lumpur, I don't think people from different states will view this as appropriate.

Do you think hugging your close friend who's of different sex or taking close pictures with each other is consider ok?

I have always been a city girl all my life, and for me socializing is an important part of my life. My life in KL that is. Does not include Moscow, cause this is the place where I am brought here in the first place to study and graduate. That's why when I go back Malaysia, I will be all out on socializing and meeting up with old friends. Cause I know that's what I am going to miss most when I am back in Moscow for another year of stress.

Some people just can't understand that it is a part of our culture to be 'cuddly'. Especially when you're out there traveling to see the world. Actually I experienced my FIRST CULTURE SHOCK in Brighton, UK. Supposed to meet my friend's friend *Malaysian Chinese guy* whom I actually met before 3 years back but we thought we did not know each other.

When he first saw me at the beach, he hollered, 'Hey, how are you?' And peck both of my cheeks and gave me a warm friendly hug.

I just stood there STUNNED. I mean literally. I can be considered as open minded already. But to be kissed on the cheek by a stranger that I thought I haven't met? My cheek blushed instantaneously but after a while it just registered in my head that it's JUST A NORMAL GREETING for people in UK.

So there goes. Sometimes people might think you're wild just because you are so called 'over-friendly' with friends of your opposite sex. But to me, once you've reached the level of best friends, a 'beary' hug or a friendly pat on the back and taking face to face picture with each other is not considered as a HUGE factor to begin with.

Oh, what if your bf is the kind that will mind? To me, frankly, I don't know. To continue being yourself? Or to change to be someone who's hostile? :S Maybe like what's been said, you're just not suitable for each other! No matter how deep is the love, sometimes when one can't accept other's flaw, nothing can be done.

b52 after 2 years..

The last time I stepped into the club was back when I first came here during 1st year. It was Kristof's birthday I think. One group of people went to celebrate his birthday there. Unfortunately pictures were gone as my laptop was stolen a year back. Lol should see our nerd faces. Anyways, Jas asked me to go last night around 930pm. Was reluctant at first. I thought we were heading to B2 but it was B52 instead! I think I overdressed. Anyways I wore the dress I wore before in London. Lack of clubbing clothes here anyways. Turning into a goody goody two shoes. Lol. It was Balin's birthday and a bunch of people I haven't seen since the 'Cabana' days came as well, so I just said yes and went with them. The girls from 14-06 went as well, Karina, Yogi and Vina :) The music was great but lack of the urge to dance. No feel :S Maybe I am too old for this kind of activities already. Haha.

Their backs

Jas, Amy, Yogi, Vina

Karina, Jas, Amy, Yogi, Vina

The 'HOT HOT' guy Jas was eyeing the whole night. But unfortunately, he's taken..BY 2 GIRLS. Wth. The middle one is his over-possessive gf *she puts on an angry look whenever he looks at pretty hot chics* but while he was seated, another China girl was putting her hand inside his boxers. Like WTH...Lol. Complicated guy..

Abang Suren, Jas dancing...

MANI..Since Cabana I think..

"Beary" Vishnu, nice old friend from M1

Random negro fella


We just can't stop posing..

Like this pic. Karina's pretty..

Different facial expressions..


Take 2..

Making stupid faces..

Avi, Amy, Abang Suren



Yo don't know who's finger is that...


At the couch..with M1 peeps..

Deven, thanks for introducing me to 'Calabria' rocks..



Smiling ear to ear... :)

Headed back around 430 am and chatted till 6am before dozing off...

p/s: Did you guys notice I wore 'hair band' for the first time? Lol.