Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tomorrow will be a better day

A new semester, a new beginning, a new cycle, 2 more years to go. Just get it over and done with. Don't be clouded by other seemingly big problems when they are just miscellaneous events in life. Misery comes from person itself, not the place where it happened. Lets walk this road righteously, joyfully because, tomorrow will be a better day...

p/s: Saw something utterly gross today! I was having my stroll back from the hardware shop with ShuShien when I saw this crazy dude pissing on the side of the walk with his **** facing towards the streets! I saw him wriggling his fat short **** right in front of me! It was excruciating and disgusting. sighs.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Back to hell hole

Officially have less than 2 days to linger around Kuala Lumpur, before flying back to Moscow for a new term on Friday morning.

Going to miss my family, friends, hangout kaki-s, my room, mamak :( :(, shopping, traveling around Asia and loads more! :(

Best sunset picture ever! =) In paradise...

Sarong girl

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Godiva + Secrets of Louisiana

I have been trying to get to meet up with the BUSY working woman Tee Cheng since I got back 2 months ago, but in vain till last Saturday. Lol. I was fashionably late for almost an hour, Sorry TC! But my new hairstyle needed time to get used to and to style it to look presentable. Sigh, I spent 30mins trying to get it right, dampening them, blow dry 'em, wax em, fixing here and there, and blow drying again and even hair-sprayed them. It's crazy!!

Anyways we met up at Pavilion and didn't manage to meet up with London kaki, Li Suen. 4 of us, TC,HJin, Li Suen and I used to hang out in good ol' London 2 years back, going clubbing as such! Those good ol' times that I don't think is going to happen again! :( As we are all occupied with our own respective lives.

Hottie TCheng. Darn skinny already! Don't work too hard!

Yours truly, Amyksy. We met at Godiva and had our expensive drinks there. Sigh.

We headed over to Secrets of Louisiana, Kelana Jaya Waterfront to celebrate Mei's 21st birthday.

Hehe. Mua again. Love my tomboy look eh =P

Nice ambience and so is the price!!!

Overlooking the lake as the sunsets.

Getting dark

p/s: More after getting pictures from Mei & Mkee.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bar 21

I received an invitation to attend Li Yuan's birthday bash happening at Bar21 Changkat BB. I was excited as it was a Saturday although it was a bit of a rush because the whole family drove over to LCCT to pick up my brother who came back for a week of hols from KK. We were stranded in Sepang area for an extra hour as we were not familiar with the route to LCCT!

Headed back home after getting him and he was up and about ready to meet up with his friends for a night out. I asked my bro to drive me over to Bar21 with time close to 11.30pm which was pretty late considering the party started at 10pm. But all's well as we drank till 3am.

It was crazy as I kept downing liquors as the girls were ever so out-going and fun. It was also pretty awesome considering people from RSMU and MMA meet up for a night out. After downing straight 5 glasses of mixtures and dancing for 15mins, I was defeated hands down. LOL.

Headed back home at 4am after resting at Li Yuan's apartment suite at Somerset Bay.

Cute birthday girl!

Kim swee!

Li Yuan, Harmeet, Jerome (sorry for calling you Jeremy the whole night LOL), Kishan

Random dude who sat at the same table.


Amyksy, Yap, Hot Wanlin.

Happy picture!

Align Center
Down. down. down.


Nice picture.

Party go-ers.

Kishan and mua.

That was Harmeet refusing to take a picture with me :(


Thursday, August 20, 2009

My tomboy's haircut

Omg! I just had my friggin' haircut that is going to have to last for 10 FRIGGIN' MONTHS because I won't be visiting the hair salon in Moscow.

And guess what?? I officially have a boy's hair cut!!! Gone are those shoulder length hair that I painfully kept for more than a year!!! Lol. I was torn between keeping them longer or cutting them short.

Sigh finally just ask the stylist to cut those dead ends off! I am so scared now!!! I know I look like shit!!

While waiting for Adam to have his haircut at one of the salon in Sg wang. Picture taken by Sheaumun.

Bloody hell, somone commented that I look like Nobita and Sm like Suzuki. Such an insult!!

Double vision

Sigh. I know I look horrible. First time wearing a lens-less glasses. LOL. For fashion sake KONON. =.=

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Adam called and asked me out to join the gang for a drink at Bangsar. I said yes, and he came to pick me up at 10 something. The restaurant@bar is called Leonardo's, specializes in Italian fine dining.

Sheaumun and me with our red wines.

A table of fine dining.


My outfit for the night (went for the sweet look)

Ribbon back dress: Topshop
Belt: BKK
Shoes: DD
CD bag: Dad's present


Lol we were fascinated by the brick walls hence we kept camwhoring there.

The 2 girls.

Back to back

Up close

Kisses from both of us

The dudes

Bumped into Rachael and her gang.


Tai lou Adam and mua.

Again. Wuah I looked so tan here.

He's a she! :P

Chill pic


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mumbo Jumbo Night!

Anaand came down all the way from Kedah for a week long holiday in Kuala Lumpur. Decided to meet up and bring the sexy back for him so we went out on a Tuesday night ( of all nights) to party but was given an early dissapointment when the bar we were supposed to go 21 bar was totally devoid of humans. Empty and deserted we resorted into going to Shirley's Spanish bar, Panchoas for a drink or two.

Met up with Adam and Sheaumun after that and we went to this old disco slum with retro music blasting through their sound systems. We danced the night away with Y.M.C.A, Billy Jean and a whole lot more! Definitely a night to remember and Anaand and I decided to hop on over to a 2nd bar for a more R&B approach. Headed back home afterwards after sending Anaand back to Cyber.


Anaand and I

Bar interior

Boring Mojito

Delicious Lychee Martini :)

Mouth watering Pork ribs

Crunchy calamari


Our shoes

Anaand eat boobies!

Amyksy, AdamC, SM


Stupid Adam pretending to sleep.

I like Heineken!

Full body pic.

Outfit for the night
Tie dye dress: Chatuchak, BKK
Bondage heels: online
Clutch: MNG

The hulk saving the lovely maidens.

Need I say more?

With Sm

Uni mates! :)

Pretending to be cute.

Downing it.

Last picture of the night!