Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bar 21

I received an invitation to attend Li Yuan's birthday bash happening at Bar21 Changkat BB. I was excited as it was a Saturday although it was a bit of a rush because the whole family drove over to LCCT to pick up my brother who came back for a week of hols from KK. We were stranded in Sepang area for an extra hour as we were not familiar with the route to LCCT!

Headed back home after getting him and he was up and about ready to meet up with his friends for a night out. I asked my bro to drive me over to Bar21 with time close to 11.30pm which was pretty late considering the party started at 10pm. But all's well as we drank till 3am.

It was crazy as I kept downing liquors as the girls were ever so out-going and fun. It was also pretty awesome considering people from RSMU and MMA meet up for a night out. After downing straight 5 glasses of mixtures and dancing for 15mins, I was defeated hands down. LOL.

Headed back home at 4am after resting at Li Yuan's apartment suite at Somerset Bay.

Cute birthday girl!

Kim swee!

Li Yuan, Harmeet, Jerome (sorry for calling you Jeremy the whole night LOL), Kishan

Random dude who sat at the same table.


Amyksy, Yap, Hot Wanlin.

Happy picture!

Align Center
Down. down. down.


Nice picture.

Party go-ers.

Kishan and mua.

That was Harmeet refusing to take a picture with me :(


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