Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Crazy shoppers~

I haven't seen Ann for the last 3 months. Not since I left Moscow for the greatest summer break ever. Though we did keep contact back in KL, we just couldn't find the right time to meet up. And holiday was over before we knew it we were thrown back to Moscow. The past month here was a hectic but happy one for me. Busy with uni stuff and the previous 2 cycles which nearly tore me apart (exaggerating). Had to be a tour guide for my US friend as well as outing every other day with close friends. I rarely had time for myself during the weekends!

Since both of us wanted to buy something for ourselves, we decided to initiate a 'date' outing for just the two of us. Decided to head over to Kievskaya (Europeski) Mall for a day for shopaholics!

We pledged to 'dress' for the occasion since we wanted to have fun and be pretty for the day.

Us waiting for the bus

Your blogger posing at the bus station. Behind's our shabby ol' hostel believe it or not.

We were excited when we arrived. It has been a long time since I shopped in Moscow, literally. It was always overpriced although I love the items that they offer. We went around hunting the shops for our best buys!~

And we spotted this 'utter-most ugliest' jacket ever!!!

Grumpy me with the ugly jacket just to prove it's ugliness :P

After 2 hours of endless walking and trying on, we bought more stuff than we initially planned!

Amy's new found treasures: 2 leather jackets, 1 leather sneakers (uber cool and hot buys) although the total sum slaughtered my throat for the 10th time! (7000rubles)

Ann's new found loves: 1 jacket, 1 cute wool sweater, 1 Roxy boots (hot buys!)

We were dead tired and thirsty. Headed over to the nearest coffee house and buried our butts on the leather cushion before starting our camwhore session!!!

Espressamerrie (1st time patronage)

Her cappuccino Freddo

My Vanilla shake (sucker for Vanilla flavor)

Love my dress prints!

Her cute wool sweater!

It's Roxy babe!~

My short leather jacket!!!!! LOVE IT LOVE IT!

Sigh. I know I know. Don't LECTURE me already! I did not just buy 2 exact leather jackets! This one's the longer version!!!! Cut throat price of 3000rubles. OH GOSH!!!!

My Vans sneakers!!!! UBER LOVE IT!

-Many faces of us-

Sigh. I hate this expression of mine :(

Look, the pretty Ann!

Decent one



Super bimbotic..

Lol. Paparazzi's shot. Haha

Ann: Look got LENG CHAI!
Amy: WHERE?!

Candid of her. Me likey

A nice shot if not for the slip..

Ann's getting bored of the camwhore session already..

The waitress find us extremely amusing due to our endless antics and flashes of light coming from Sooann's good old dying battery cam :P It was so funny we ended up taking a naturally happy picture. Teehee~~

Time to go. Her with her shopping bags!


Headed over to Sinbad for dinner. Initially wanted to go to the Japanese Restaurant nearby but was too tired already.

Ann's shaky hands :(

The delicious Ceasar Pizza. My favorite dish in Sinbad..

Glutton Amy

Ready to attack!!!

And ending picture of both of us

It was FUN FUN FUN! Can't wait for the next outing with this chic!~
Head over to her blog for her side of story~

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Moscow Street

A post by Dude.

As I'm about to write, I'll put myself in her shoes. Imagine what she thinks, how she feels, entering her sight and taking over all the senses of her. I call it the 'Mind Possess'.

I'm Amy Kor Shin Yin, and this is my story;

It was a windy afternoon. I was walking down the street of Moscow in my cotton sweater enjoying the breeze blew to my face, when a half of a lamp post tall Russian man walked past me.

"Preeviet," he greeted hello to me in his deep voice.

"Preeviet," I replied with a smile.

"Where are you heading to?" he asked curiously.

"Just for a walk," I uttered nonchalantly.

"Okay, enjoy yourself!" he said as he continued down the street.

For a moment, I thought it was a Global Friendly Day. I deliberated for sometime before I recalled. The Mr. Lamp Post was a guy from the same university. We had always exchanged hellos and smiles but we barely know each other. I've seen him everyday for a year already.

Walking alone wasn't much of my favour, yet it was an alternative for distressing. Suddenly, I had a craving for hot chocolate. So, I walked into one of restaurant in the street of Moscow. One of the waiter walked over and seated me.

"Here's your menu," he said, placing it in front of me.

"Just a cup of hot chocolate please," I said, as I was taking off my cotton sweater.

"Okay, will be here right away"

"Thank you!" I said, as he was walking away.

Not long after that, I was already enjoying that cup of hot chocolate of mine.

Then, a man in his early 30's sat in front of me... (to be continued)

All the story above are created by me, Dude. It's not through experience of Amy nor myself. It's just created randomly. You can visit my blog here. Thanks for reading.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Group 42

*Latest Update*


Teacher was exceptionally nice to us today. We were so scared that we wouldn't be able to get our credit for this cycle as the seniors were taunting us about this seemingly 'horrible' teacher. But, everything was smooth today!!!! :D :D :D She passed all of us!!! 
Obviously we went and celebrate lo!! HOHOHO

Went Rio shopping mall and ate our lunch for 2 hours!! Hehe. Talking and having fun as a group.
Love this kind of friendship....Lalalalalala..
This weekend's going to be more fun ya? Booked on Sat and Sun as well~~~~
Can't wait for the fun & camwhore sessions...


Here I am procrastinating when I should be studying for my final class for Therapy Cycle tomorrow. Teacher will ask us questions on all of the topics that we have studied so far for the past 2 weeks. The most feared teacher of all is going to put us in hell again tomorrow. But still, what am I doing? Still got mood to write blog and post pics some more. Been wasting the whole day watching HK drama Forensic Heroes 2! Done with Kinship drama yesterday evening already!

So far nothing is going into my head! HELP! I feel panicky, but still reluctant to study. Cause it's all in RUSSIAN! Damn it!!! :( sob. Save me save me save me.

Pictures time:

Taken during the OPX (operative surgery) cycle 2 weeks back. This is what we do on a daily basis during the cycle. Include: Gossiping, sleeping, doing nothing.


Teacher don't teach for nuts. Expect us to absorb everything that he taught during lectures so he won't teach us anything during class and will suddenly attack us with 3 tests at once on a random day. Hence the otrabotkas we owe him :( :(

The guys in our class: Chong, Stanley, Chua

Sheila playing games using my phone (Yes, we're that bored!)

The lazy Amy caught sleeping in class!

Siva kept taking ugly pictures of me!!! Cheeks fat like hell.

Day dreaming~

Ninja Kris in action~

One word: S.I.E.N

So happy show Kim's phone some more -_-''

Therapy lecture

Row of guys

Kim and I (was acting professional :P)

Random Print Screen

Usual chat with Tubs. Webcammed cause we were just too bored. LOL

New Beta Windows Messenger~

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My perspective

We visited a patient diagnosed with Bacterial Endocarditis. Interesting facts?

27 year old Russian guy. Drug addict. Diagnosed with B.E induced by narcotics. Severe damage to the trikuspid valve. Other complications: TB of lung, low Hg (hemoglobin) hence the pale complexion, splenomegaly, thrombosis of the legs causing smelly pustules forming on the legs.

We were instructed to perform inspection on the patient. We did not know that he was suspected of having HIV until we were done with the inspection. All of us touched his body and auscultated his heart. 

When we knew he was suspected with HIV we were all in shock. I mean this is the first time in my life dealing with a HIV patient up close. I suddenly felt my stethoscope and my hands were extremely dirty and disgusting. Probably it's how we are brought up and thought about the ugliness and consequences of the disease. Even we as a medical student can't help but to feel jitters when we come across this term. Call me 'inexperienced' then. How will you react if you have to deal with HIV people? With the same respect and attitude just like a normal person or vice versa?



Tag : 15 Little Things About You

Rule: List 15 weird things/habits/little known facts about yourself.Then tag 8 other people.

-Thanks Kim for tagging me-

1. Although I can be considered a socialite =P, I tend avoid people at times. Just don't feel like talking. I am not 'sombong'!

2. I am a huge fan of green tea. I have to drink at least 6 sachets of them on a daily basis. Sort of like a compensation for my huge craving for food :P.

3. I hate being labelled as a 'clubber'. Although I do fancy going to clubs, it's not like I pay them a visit every alternate days. So far I've only went for less than 10 times this year of 2008! So stop 'stereotyping' me, referring to those who got nothing better to do!

4. I love dressing up and looking good, but one of the oddest things is that I don't have to 'urge' or 'will' to dress up in Moscow. Guess its the people and the environment that hindered me from doing so. *Wish I am studying in London*

5. I have short attention span! I day dream most of the time especially during lectures!

6. I laugh like a man. I wish I can laugh like a lady though. HOHO

7. *edited* I am 'adventure' junkie! Reverse Bungee,mountain climbing, rapid shooting, flying fox, camping, night forest hiking, and my most proud record ever, FINISHING THE PENANG BRIDGE 10KM MARATHON AND GOT THE FINISHING MEDAL :D :D Anyone who's an adventurist, kindly contact me :P haha

8. I love swimming, that's how I got my extremely broad shoulders from! Love to sun-tan as well.

9. I used to think wearing specs is cool,until now that I need to wear it, I don't think it's cool anymore!

10. I can stay the whole day in my room in Moscow without moving an inch but I can't stand being home in Malaysia for day! I just need to go out!

11. Detest guys that swear and curse with vulgar words. Can't they realize they are embarrassing themselves?

12. I am a BANANA. I can't read Chinese :( :( It is one of my regrets in life!

13. I secretly wish I am  stick thin, but I can't stop eating!

14. *edited* I nearly flew to Aussie for a Marine Biology degree before finally settled for Medicine.

15. I nearly had an accident driving KD back to his car! Talk about being a 'nervous wreck'! It was totally embarrasing!


Adam Chooi


Mei Hui

Soo Ann

Jia Wei


Pei Fei



Monday, September 22, 2008

Guest Blogging ~!

Hey Peeps,

This is ADaM writing @ Amy's Blog. She invited me as a guest blogger. From today onwards, I will be posting entries here. Looking forward to it.

Here is a brief introduction of myself.

I'm 27, working as a travel agent. Residing at Kay Ell, enjoys working out. Used to be a party animal, but as Amy always address me, I've been Uncle-fied.

Should I tell u guys how we(me/amy) met? Hmm... I guess it's better for her to pen this down herself.

I hate Durian ~!

A blogger myself, I try my best to live today as if there is no tomorrow. "Life is too short to hesitate". I live by that ~! Yes..I'm a sucker for quotations ~!

That's it la, I hate corny introduction. If you have some ample time to waste, do visit my blog. I'm not an easy person to judge or predict as you will find out soon enough.

Stay tuned ~!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Denis Simachev

While we were chilling at the hotel getting ready for a night out, I browsed through the travel guide book which was given by the hotel staff. Since we were too tired to go club we decided to settle for a chill out night at a bar or pub. One name caught my eye.

Moscow Best Bar 2008:  Denis Simachev 

Knowing that it was something not to be missed  and the odds of me going to a bar/pub in Moscow is close to 'nil' as all my friends are not the 'night crawler' type, I proposed to my States friend to go visit the joint. Suprisingly he agreed without much of a complain. Haha. Perhaps I was being too persuasive :P

The place really was kind of disappointing! The music was too hippie for my liking and it was filled with smoke. A bottle of beer cost us a painstaking 300
rubles!!!! Omg, we even ordered for 2 bottles 1 for each! Sigh. I sat there feeling bored, tired and sleepy. So much for a great night out. After a while, both of us can't take it anymore and headed for heavy supper ^^.

Went to a Japenese Restaurant and started ordering away. It was so appetizing. My mood instantaneously changed for the better. Headed back to the hotel at 3am.

Outside the bar

Super crowded!

Just me!

Cropped  :P

Scene #1

Scene #2

Scene #3

The deco

Me drinking

Inside the pub

Love the pic :)

Sushi restaurant

The restaurant deco

Some chicken!

Unagi maki!!!

Unagi bento :)

Live to eat!~