Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Crazy shoppers~

I haven't seen Ann for the last 3 months. Not since I left Moscow for the greatest summer break ever. Though we did keep contact back in KL, we just couldn't find the right time to meet up. And holiday was over before we knew it we were thrown back to Moscow. The past month here was a hectic but happy one for me. Busy with uni stuff and the previous 2 cycles which nearly tore me apart (exaggerating). Had to be a tour guide for my US friend as well as outing every other day with close friends. I rarely had time for myself during the weekends!

Since both of us wanted to buy something for ourselves, we decided to initiate a 'date' outing for just the two of us. Decided to head over to Kievskaya (Europeski) Mall for a day for shopaholics!

We pledged to 'dress' for the occasion since we wanted to have fun and be pretty for the day.

Us waiting for the bus

Your blogger posing at the bus station. Behind's our shabby ol' hostel believe it or not.

We were excited when we arrived. It has been a long time since I shopped in Moscow, literally. It was always overpriced although I love the items that they offer. We went around hunting the shops for our best buys!~

And we spotted this 'utter-most ugliest' jacket ever!!!

Grumpy me with the ugly jacket just to prove it's ugliness :P

After 2 hours of endless walking and trying on, we bought more stuff than we initially planned!

Amy's new found treasures: 2 leather jackets, 1 leather sneakers (uber cool and hot buys) although the total sum slaughtered my throat for the 10th time! (7000rubles)

Ann's new found loves: 1 jacket, 1 cute wool sweater, 1 Roxy boots (hot buys!)

We were dead tired and thirsty. Headed over to the nearest coffee house and buried our butts on the leather cushion before starting our camwhore session!!!

Espressamerrie (1st time patronage)

Her cappuccino Freddo

My Vanilla shake (sucker for Vanilla flavor)

Love my dress prints!

Her cute wool sweater!

It's Roxy babe!~

My short leather jacket!!!!! LOVE IT LOVE IT!

Sigh. I know I know. Don't LECTURE me already! I did not just buy 2 exact leather jackets! This one's the longer version!!!! Cut throat price of 3000rubles. OH GOSH!!!!

My Vans sneakers!!!! UBER LOVE IT!

-Many faces of us-

Sigh. I hate this expression of mine :(

Look, the pretty Ann!

Decent one



Super bimbotic..

Lol. Paparazzi's shot. Haha

Ann: Look got LENG CHAI!
Amy: WHERE?!

Candid of her. Me likey

A nice shot if not for the slip..

Ann's getting bored of the camwhore session already..

The waitress find us extremely amusing due to our endless antics and flashes of light coming from Sooann's good old dying battery cam :P It was so funny we ended up taking a naturally happy picture. Teehee~~

Time to go. Her with her shopping bags!


Headed over to Sinbad for dinner. Initially wanted to go to the Japanese Restaurant nearby but was too tired already.

Ann's shaky hands :(

The delicious Ceasar Pizza. My favorite dish in Sinbad..

Glutton Amy

Ready to attack!!!

And ending picture of both of us

It was FUN FUN FUN! Can't wait for the next outing with this chic!~
Head over to her blog for her side of story~

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