Monday, September 28, 2009

As the summer ends.

Finally able to post a proper post after missing in action for around 2 weeks. Guess where I am now? Pathetically, I am camping at this food court near my hostel for free wifi until my laptop's battery dies off. We went to Tsaritsina Park on of the weekends for a walk. Gosh, it was so pretty and refreshing! Lots of newlyweds were there to capture their perfect moments of bliss, it was so romantic!

I watched my 1st Russian movie at the cinema after 5 years of rotting in Russia can you believe it? Previously, I have only been to the English one that cost a bomb! We watched Final Destination 4 dubbed with Russian language at the weirdest hour, 9am in the friggin' morning but it was alright as it was kind of easy to understand and you do know how the sequel works. More action less talk, the better! LOL

Alright. Pictures time.

View outside my window on a gloomy day.

The guy was posing there for 5 minutes I swear! LOL. I guess he noticed I was taking pictures there. LOL.

Don't tell me I look like a clown here with my floral sneakers!



The white bench

I take you, you take me. James bought the water bubble thing and we kept on blowing bubbles around. It was childish yet fun!~

Poser in action. =P

What were we doing? OMFG.

Female trios.

The family of three.

Weee, the bubble is so huge!

The Spanish Lady.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Forced Hiatus

Sorry babes. Internet has been a bitch lately. Our hostel management has decided to permanently cut off our LIFE SOURCE aka INTERNET due to the dirty politics going on between our ISP and the hostel Rector! Basically I have lost my net connection until future notice. LIFE SUCKS without internet man.

We have become dead zombies loitering around the vicinity of the hostel hopping from room to room trying to entertain ourselves and disturbing the few DESPERADOS who managed to get their precious internet by THE MOST SINFUL means (aka $$$$$$)

Anyways, I will blog soon with more pretty pictures. So do await ya.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Weird name for a post right? Why did I put is as Geger then? Anyone knows the reason? Haha. Well, that's because this gorgeous beach is named Geger Beach. Golden sandy beach, bright sunny day, clear blue sky, transparent tranquil waters. And plenty of suntanning benches and umbrellas to lighten up the summer's beach mood.

I fell in love with this place. It took us quite a moment to finally get there. I am glad we made it =)

Picture Perfect

I wasn't being emo I swear! Haha. Was suntanning my back.

Beach babes. Friggin' hot~!

On the yatch.

Sun blowing on my tousled hair.

Striking contrast.


<3 <3 <3

Blue blue waters


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Kim Bum, my little Crush

I was browsing through new themes for my phone when I stumbled upon this dashingly young but handsome guy in one of the wallpapers. Googled and found out that he's from 7 scents of kim bum, and guess what? He's my brother's age, born in 1989, 20 years old only FML!!!!!!

My eyeballs just dropped out of their sockets. Good looking...

Dream guy...

How can he look so damn good?

He totally reminded me of Raymond Tan, I even told him so but the thought was quickly brushed aside by him. LOL.

What say you?

Hot? or Nay?

My first crush since forever! I thought I am too old for crushes already. LOL

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Ballerina wannabe

Continuation of pictures taken the other day.I just love the end result. enjoy~

Small park

Full bod. Somehow I still fall in love with my studded sandals every time I lay my eyes on them.

Walking towards the sun

Up close. I hate and like it at the same time..

One leg up

Me like!

The male version of Mary Poppins? LOL



Our beloved shoes.

Ballerina wannabe :D

Monday, September 07, 2009

Life's ain't sweet candy

Sometimes you just can't get what you wish for, whether you work hard for it or not. If it just ain't yours to keep, let go let it fly. Perhaps one day it'll come back to you. That's the best that we can do.

Went on photohunting with dearie friend Anaand again on a bright Saturday noon.

Venue? Vorobiuri Gori, the riverside.

We stare into the empty space, desperate to see some light, but all we see is darkness.

Stand up high.


p/s: More pictures of the photohunt to come.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

A little glimpse of KL life

Outdated post about Mei's birthday dated 23/08/2009 which was officially her 21st birthday. Anyways, I just stole the pictures from facebook and here I am posting it up here in my blog.

The first week of class ended yesterday. Life here needs some time to get used to as things has changed abruptly. There are people whom I don't talk to/hang out with anymore. I find managing my free time a little hard. Hence,I will always try to occupy my weekends to fill in my empty soul (hehe, exaggerating :P)

Anyways, will keep you guys updated about my boring life here soon. Hope things will get better and more interesting as time goes by.

Behold some sweet pictures for your kind attention :P

Secret of Louisiana. Table group pic :)

Birthday girl and mua. Old old friends :)

Hahaha. It was a few days after my new haircut. Kept asking Mkee to help me take picture of my styling. Hehe


Chris Ooi & Raqib (I hope I spell his name right!)


Delicious and pretty cupcakes :)

Darn lots of people.

Love A (awwww =P)

I <3 you



Rock on BEAR~

Sweet sweet couple


Again. Bored yet?

Running out of captions to use.

Finale pic :)

Was hoping for 2nd round out probably clubbing but it ended early and all left for home. Lol. My 'getting too old to club' friends. SIGH!!


My farewell yumcha session

Was totally supposed to go clubbing that night as it was my glorifying last chill out session with the gang, but UNFORTUNATELY I can't. Sigh. Mom was strict as it was the last few nights of me staying in KL. So strictly no dressing up at night, and if I do go out, it has to be in pyjamas or anything remotely disgusting. Hence, I decided to chill at some place and Dudek suggested Island cafe. So off we went. Crapped the whole night thru, tested Akinomi's dslr cam, talking ghost story and what not. It was nice :) Sigh, there's always next year to look forward to! Missing you guys already!