Monday, September 07, 2009

Life's ain't sweet candy

Sometimes you just can't get what you wish for, whether you work hard for it or not. If it just ain't yours to keep, let go let it fly. Perhaps one day it'll come back to you. That's the best that we can do.

Went on photohunting with dearie friend Anaand again on a bright Saturday noon.

Venue? Vorobiuri Gori, the riverside.

We stare into the empty space, desperate to see some light, but all we see is darkness.

Stand up high.


p/s: More pictures of the photohunt to come.


Anonymous said...

nice pictures..
btw, don't be too sad, for things happen for a reason yeah!!

AmyKsy said...

:D thanksssss...c u in kursk games :P

ChiroBie said...

Nice DIY job ! lol =p

Like the "waiting" pic - a new toy eh

AmyKsy said...

^^ yeaps. come lets go out take pics 2gether2 :P

ChiroBie said...

yeah can plan gurl!