Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hotness. It's madness!

I have been in my movie marathon mode for the past few days. When they say 4th year's pretty much less occupying and easy, they are true to their every word! I haven't really got anything to study nor do that the only chores that fills up my days are cooking great meals for yours truly, rotting in front of the laptop and lots of beauty sleep and pilates exercises to finalize my day. So tell me, how can I not watch tons of movies between the intervals? Gosh, I just found this new hottie while watching 100 feet (horror movie). I google-d him immediately and found out he's the star of the series 'Gossip Girls'. Well, that just gives me the ultimate drive to watch them series. Even KD watches it!*Btw, Happy 21st birthday Boss (KD)!* I know I am outdated ok! And I thought oh it's a show for girls and its deemed gay for guys to like them. Hehe.




He's only 21 and he's younger than me can you believe it!~

He's the lead singer of this english ROCK band called 'The Filthy Youth'. I can't see why he's filthy. LOL

Chuck Bass. His role in Gossip Girls.

Him during his OFF the limelight day I guess.

p/s: He reminds me of a friend in Aussie who resembles him. Oh yea. He's good looking.

Ginotaki Food Fest

Kristof, a fellow groupmate for 4 years finally turned over a new leaf and decided to treat your blogger for a feast last Saturday. Initially we thought of going to Pancho Villa, the great Mexican Restaurant I visited 2 weeks ago. But wrong timing. We were given a lousy table for starters and they did not even take our orders although we have been calling the waiters for the uptenth times. They gave us some excuse that there was a function going on and everyone was occupied. WTH! Pissed and hungry, Kris convinced me to leave the place and resorted to dining at Ginotaki which was located 1 minute way.

The ambience. The restaurant was filled to the brim. But service was quick.

The bar.

Kris's drink: Whiskey Cola. It was amusing when we first ordered our cocktails. The waitress wanted to see our ID because we appeared to be too young to booze. lol. Come on I'll be 22 the next few month ok :P

My Pina Colada. Tasted weird.

The dishes I ordered

Forget the name. Fried dumpling? There were 5 of those on the pan. But Kris snatched it before I could even take out my camera. Quick hands.

Rice with chicken

This is awesome! Tasted like escargot sauce. yum yum~

I'll never visit a Jap restaurant without ordering Unagi Maki.

Kris's order

His boat which cost almost to 1000 rubles. Rich fella.

Desserts to satisfy our already bursting stomach. It was just alright.
(From left: Tiramisu, caramel cake, Ginotaki Cheese cake)

Ok. I pretended to be unsatisfied for the meal. I was actually contented alright. Thanks for the meal again Kristof. *I still don't get the reason as to why you treated me to the Jap meal and don't say it's because I have been bugging you to 'cheng' me for the past few weeks =P*

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Do you no justice!

Sorry Mamma Mia. I misjudged you. Misinterpreted you. I thought you're just another random movie. I thought you'll be boring. I thought you'll make me yawn. I even jested AdamC for liking the movie. I thought it was 'gay'.

But I was dead wrong!

You made me happy. You made me go wild. You made me dance around my bed. You make me want to visit GREECE! I am so going Kalokairi (real name: Skopelos) Isle! No kidding! Before I graduate! I happily take my vow! I love the soundtracks! I miss the times when the happy 4 of us (TC, Hjin, Adrian, mua) were in Brighton dancing to ABBA songs in some cool 80's disco! AAaaaaaaahh..

Lalaria Beach, Greece

Prasouda Isle (near Skiathos)

I regretted that I did not watch the musical when I had the chance to in London! Wth! Omg. So regretting it right now. I bet TCheng watched it already? I recommended Tubs to watch but he too was like me. Stereotyped the movie. Think its gay. Hated oldies. But I can assure you, you're going to like it! Come on, give it a try!

The story goes:

Donna (middle) and the Dynamos

An independent, single mother who owns a small hotel on an idyllic Greek island, Donna ( Meryl Streep) is about to let go of Sophie (Amanda Seyfried), the spirited daughter she's raised alone. For Sophie's wedding, Donna has invited her two lifelong best girlfriends-practical and no-nonsense Rosie (Julie Walters) and wealthy, multi-divorcee Tanya (Christine Baranski) from her one-time backing band, Donna and the Dynamos. But Sophie has secretly invited three guests of her own. (info from here)


Sky (Sophie's fiancee)

Who's the maternal father?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sex and the City

Not really interested in watching this movie until a while ago. Curious. I thought of giving it a try. Voila. The movie was TOP NOTCH. Great. Best chic flick I've ever watched! Gosh, I love their sense of fashion although its a little eccentric at times. 

Loving Carrie's Vivienne Westwood's wedding gown! O.M.G! I should start losing weight to be able to look as gorgeous and fit as her. 

Samantha's Sexy One-of-a-kind black dress. Again must be as skinny as hell to look drop-dead-gorgeous in it.

Louise's Christmas present given by Carrie. Limited edition LV Motard bag! *Top on my wish list* LOL

Carrie's Gorgeous Platform Sandals. I wish I own one! So edgy and cool! Nine West has similar ones. Maybe I should get one for myself :P

Miranda's cutesy bright pink swimming suit. H.O.T! I want!!!

Similar one in orange!

Those who haven't watch the movie, what are you waiting for? Sit back enjoy and relax as it brings you on a fashion ride!

Best quote from the movie:

'I know I'd screwed it up. But I'll love you forever', by Mr Big.

To Jas with Love

Jas left last Friday. She left for good. My April fool's joke was on her. Literally. Remember I posted an April joke earlier this year? I mentioned in my blog I was going to leave Moscow for good and start my studies in Interior Design back in Malaysia. Most of my readers got the shock of their lives and came up to me in person to ask if it was real. Of cos it wasn't because it was just a joke. This is what she is going to from now onwards. Start afresh with the course that she likes best. I wish her the best of luck and good life ahead. Be happy ok Jas? :)

So we arranged this night outing with her 2 days before her final departure. She wanted to go to the Center to see the last of St Basil's and Red Square. So off we went. I was in a horrible state that night. Don't bother about how I look in the pictures ok? Pictures courtesy from Jas's camera. Not mine. Hence the different qualities of images.

Konkovo. We never knew there is the existence of such a pretty neon sign.

In the metro. I was going to listen my addictive songs.

And we reached our destination. Some church.

Gorgeous lightings. GUM. Most expensive shopping mall in Moscow?

And thus begins our camwhoring sessions. Jas and mua.

Pushing St Basil's.

Kissing the signature building. Everyone was looking at us with awe. One group of them even imitated what we were doing. LOL. Jas's idea.

Kim likes walking pictures too. So we walked. Casually.

Jas looked so natural in this pic :)

Jumpy jump. I know you guys are bored of this church behind us. It has been featured numerous times in my blog I know. Bear with it ok :P

At the grasp of my fingers.


Inside GUM

Poser you know me. Loving my 'screaming for attention' trench coat.

'Hello chef'

Wow wow wow. Loving the background.

Yea. We are absolutely irresistible :P

Taken by Jas.

We went to Il Patio for late dinner. It was close to 11pm already. With the Planeta sushi menu.

Her spaghetti carbonara. My favorite Iakodon.

And that wasn't the end of our night outing anyways. Guess what happened?














Our hostel was caught on FIRE!!!!!


not lying!!!!

at friggin' 12 something midnight!!!!


Us posing in front of hundreds of people. Seriously this is the 1st time I saw ALL RSMU MALAYSIANS gathering together. LOL. And it can only happen, not in MASSAD, not during SPORTS, not during raya..but during

FIRE emergencies!

Us acting oblivious to the surroundings. Siva suddenly came into the picture.

I was the only one pretending to be scared. Note the bright smiles on my beautiful friend's faces in front of the fire brigade. WTH. Haha.

Everyone was like. Eh, hostel on fire still got mood to take pictures. Well, what can I say? Girls will always be girls. By the way, the fire was put down by the fire fighters and we were saved in no time. So kudos to them :)