Monday, July 28, 2008

Island hopping Part 1

After dinner we chilled at a hip looking bar at the side of the beach. The atmosphere was awesome! The singer's really talented and we found out that he's actually a Malaysian on the last night before we left while we were partying there *pictures up later*.

Stir fried shrimp

Fried chicken with cashew nuts. Yum Yum~

The oil lamp bar session

Bar area

What was she doing?


Our sunburn faces

The bar

The place we hang out the day after

We signed up the night before for a full one day island hopping tour with a licensed travel agency not far from where we were staying. Each one of us have to pay 80obaht for it. Woke up really early as the boat set off at 9am and we had to be at our hotel jetty by 8.15am so we woke up at 7am for breakfast. It was better than I expected. The ship was filled with hunks with hot bods and both of us can't help but to ogle and salivate over them.

The beach in front of our hotel


Big catch

Fishmongers everywhere

While waiting for boarding

The jetty at 830am in the morning

The hot hunk!!!! Sighs.

Us on boat!


Rock on the sea

Black and white

Her small back

Beet red

We finally reached the 1st beach for the day.

The Maya Bay.

Heard of 'The Beach' movie starring Leonardo Dicaprio a few years back?
Well, this is the beach where the shootings were. But to get to the beach is no easy task. We had to kayak from the ship which is like 1km away from the beach. And Mei not exactly the athletic kind, I had to the responsibility of getting both of us to the shore. Wah, challenging man! But it's all good cause it's been a long time since the last time I did any water sports. Teeeheee..

Our destination

The photographer throughout the kayaking journey. She was all geared up for safety reasons. LOL

Slave in action ok?

Yay and we finally reached the people-filled paradise.

When we finally reached the shore, we were so happy but at the same time we had problems of getting ashore as all the speed boats were parked at the shore!

Yay so happy!

We started taking pictures of our surroundings. People.


More PEOPLE! It was literally spilling with tourists!

Need I say more?

Adam, this is for you. Satisfied? lol

Us on the beach excited!

Full body picture cropped. Too fat la! Why ain't I smiling? lol

Poser 1 on the beach

Poser 2 on the beach

Since we were given only 10 minutes to get to the beach, camwhore and to come back to the ship, we were rushing like 2 mad women. I quickly paddled us back to the ship safely ^^

Our destination

One of the 'cannot make it' pictures that she took because she sat on the front and can't see which view she was about to take.

Mei I was your slave that day practically!!

p/s: People don't ever go inside the casino when you're at Genting! It's addictive and it kills! Better off spending your money splurging on goods that you can actually touch and see.

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Updates for Part 2 after Sg trip! :)

Friday, July 25, 2008


Went and took my glasses today at Sg Wang. See, very nerdy right? :( Had 'kuai lin kou' with Adam. Haven't been eating that since more than 10 years ago I think. Delicious! Will definitely give it another few more tries before I go back. Uncle say if you eat it often, your skin will be good. Don't know how true is that.

Plans at hand:

This weekend 26-27/07: Genting with my friends
Monday 28/07: Singapore for a week max
Next Monday 4/08: Start of ATTACHMENT...oh noooooo


The long hair days

With Pretty Steph

Island shop, we both bought the stuff we tried on.

The art of self-control

It's one thing I am not good at.

Really bad at it.


I just can't seem to control my thoughts and emotions sometimes.
Especially when the matter regarding is of some importance to me or was one of my priorities in the past.
I just wish I can really let it all out and not have any hidden feelings whatsoever anymore.
I wish I have the bravery of a warrior when facing tough situations or when I was hit when I was most vulnerable.
I wish I can hold my tears and sadness and manage them well.
I wish I can forget it all......

p/s: I just went to an optic shop today. Found out I have short-sighted problems and astigmatism. And I thought I can have my perfect eyesight forever..Well, have to say hello to ugly nerdy glasses.. :(

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Time to explore

We walked along the beach and the rocky ends passing through one beach after another to get to a nicer one. But we didn't get to the infamous 'Long beach' cause it was too far away and the last beach we went to was nice enough in our opinion....

What we saw...

Rocky hard to climb over them

Cam-whore time

What you looking at?

Posing sideway makes you look slimmer. Serious shit.

Smile smile~

We chillax-ed at the first beach we saw. I started having my sun tan while Mei sat at one corner well-protected from any sorts of harmless sun rays and started reading her P.s I Love You book. -_-''

There she goes...

We asked one of the workers there to take 2 pictures for us. Take 1.

Take 2. Ah, purrr-feccttt..

Saw this swing nearby, so might as well.....

She came over from her hide-out and took some pictures with me :P

k. Emo pic.

My ideal escapade.

Oh. So. Comfy.
(take note of my horrible sunburn)


Stay away from me. My expression says it all :P

Lunch time. We were famished! We ate nothing since 7am in the morning! Walked over to the restaurant nearby and gave our food orders.

Her dish

My fried rice

Satisfied, I headed over to the beach and do my own 'thang' again.

This is why I love the beach...

Looking far far away...

Sandals amidst the sand..

Love this pic...


From her point of view

Soon after, I got bored and started playing with the hammock. haha..

Nice place to doze off on a hot sunny day...

What I do when I am bored. My 'hangus' face..

When the sun started setting down, we walked back to our hotel and rest awhile before heading to the town for dinner~~

The 'hotel room' up for rent

Our hotel's swimming pool

Our nice little room :)

p/s: I did not upload most of the pictures because my bikini was too obscene. Ask Mei -_-'''


Behold my short hair...sighs..kinda miss my 'considered' long hair already

Pavilion craze...

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Island hopping~