Thursday, July 24, 2008

Time to explore

We walked along the beach and the rocky ends passing through one beach after another to get to a nicer one. But we didn't get to the infamous 'Long beach' cause it was too far away and the last beach we went to was nice enough in our opinion....

What we saw...

Rocky hard to climb over them

Cam-whore time

What you looking at?

Posing sideway makes you look slimmer. Serious shit.

Smile smile~

We chillax-ed at the first beach we saw. I started having my sun tan while Mei sat at one corner well-protected from any sorts of harmless sun rays and started reading her P.s I Love You book. -_-''

There she goes...

We asked one of the workers there to take 2 pictures for us. Take 1.

Take 2. Ah, purrr-feccttt..

Saw this swing nearby, so might as well.....

She came over from her hide-out and took some pictures with me :P

k. Emo pic.

My ideal escapade.

Oh. So. Comfy.
(take note of my horrible sunburn)


Stay away from me. My expression says it all :P

Lunch time. We were famished! We ate nothing since 7am in the morning! Walked over to the restaurant nearby and gave our food orders.

Her dish

My fried rice

Satisfied, I headed over to the beach and do my own 'thang' again.

This is why I love the beach...

Looking far far away...

Sandals amidst the sand..

Love this pic...


From her point of view

Soon after, I got bored and started playing with the hammock. haha..

Nice place to doze off on a hot sunny day...

What I do when I am bored. My 'hangus' face..

When the sun started setting down, we walked back to our hotel and rest awhile before heading to the town for dinner~~

The 'hotel room' up for rent

Our hotel's swimming pool

Our nice little room :)

p/s: I did not upload most of the pictures because my bikini was too obscene. Ask Mei -_-'''


Behold my short hair...sighs..kinda miss my 'considered' long hair already

Pavilion craze...

Up next:

Island hopping~

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