Saturday, May 31, 2008

Feeling like a million bucks

I feel so energized, so assured, so confident. Haven't been feeling this way for A LONG LONG TIME.

I finally found 'me' again.

I lost track of myself throughout the previous crisis that ravished almost everything I possessed from me. Or maybe I was the one who let them all go in the first place.

But now,

I am BACK.

I am Amy Ksy.

Not The Lost Gal. Not anymore. Gone is the girl who moped around thinking nothing but crap the whole day through and mourning for whatever that was long gone gazillion years back. The girl who was once lost and hopeless has left.

I used to be so afraid of being 'me', I thought I was CRAP.

Someone not worth loving.

I tried so hard just to please someone else in my life,

I lost my own identity.

But I realized......

Life is never about pleasing others.

Life does not ONLY evolve around 'romeo and juliet'.

Life's too short to be living in the past.


So do what you want to do, be who you want to be, trust in yourself and live your life to the FULLEST...

I am thinking about my summer plans now. Anyone wants to go bungee-jumping with me? Or scuba diving?

Uncle Alfie? Or are you too old for it? Lol




Friday, May 30, 2008

Lucky streak?

It has been a productive week for me. I did what I was supposed to do, cleared most of my debts and gotten a miracle that I thought I couldn't achieve. I believe if you work hard on something, you will succeed. One way or another. But most of the time we just can't escape from being mocked by others. I am not one of the most diligent and hardworking students you can find here. Perhaps I am even one of the top 10 for laziest students around. But that doesn't mean I can strike a winning lottery and pass my exams with a 4, or pass the otrabotka for the hardest subject around or even got an aftomat without working my ass out for it.

The only few words I hear from my fellow associates the whole week are:

'Wah, so lucky one you? You suck (whoever's name)'s luck la! So bad! No wonder he/she fail la!'

Come on people, no one can possibly pass without studying or armed with their knowledge in their mind prior to battle. Unless they possess some strong potion that can 'charm' the teacher away and he/she will fall for your killer seduction and give you a '5' straight. But that will only happen in fictional life, not reality.

If you fail your colloqs or controls, you can't blame anyone but yourself. You can blame it on teacher's severe mood swings, blame your friends for going first and that she/he took away the questions that you are 100% sure you know the answers to or your friend's disturbing you during exam but at the end of the day you're only lying to yourself. Stop putting fault on others and start focusing on our own. Maybe we did not prepare and study well for it or maybe because we were too tense that we can't answer adequately during oral.

But please stop blaming those who prevailed and mock them with the following:

'Eh, you so lucky la, you passed. You suck my luck!'

If I am indeed that lucky, why don't I just buy TOTO now and be a millionaire? Then I wouldn't be here studying med right?

Glue your butts to your chair and start flipping the pages because that's what all of us are suppose to do now. Stop comparing yourself with others and focus on what you're lack of.

You'll be MUCH HAPPIER that way.


ps/: no pun intended.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sour face

Time of the year. End of semester. Last minute cramming.


FINAL EXAMS and lots of pendings to settle

Vulgar but cute at the same time.

Moodless, stressed, binging, sleepless nights due to caffeine overdose. All the negative vibes coming from me. Hope everything can pass quickly and painlessly. My 'sour face' expression is getting more severe as time passes. Lol. I don't want to look like a granny when I get back to Malaysia!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Pleasant Surprise

All the best for your physics exam that is less than 15 hours from now.
Hugs and kisses.
Get well soon.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mercutio's fall

One year had passed that was bitter and sweet,
The scent of last spring and summer lingers,
With love that was so innocent and true,
Bright and sunny that special day was,
The river cruise that took our breath away,
Hundreds of pictures we took in reminiscence,
The fun and laughter that filled the summer's day,
The romantic star-gazing nights,
Plainly enjoying each other's presence,
All those were left as remembrance,
The 'us' that was never meant to be,
The love that we chose to foresake,
The romance that faded away,
And that was when we walked our separate ways,
The heart ached and screamed in agony,
For what seemed like an eternity,
Autumn, winter and spring come and go,
Fallen leaves replaced by buds anew,
And the days became better each passing day,
With strength given from up above,
I had more courage to leave everything behind,
Every step I made felt so right,
Gone were the times I longed for your undying affection,
Gone were the times I miss the sound of your melodious voice,
What's left is just a hope for you to be blessed and well,
A simple wish just for you,
Cheers to the 'us' I thought we could be.

'Happy 1st anniversary'

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Musically Inclined

Video by David Sides. Coincidentally I bumped into one of his vids while I was blog hopping. His piano version of 'With You' by Chris Brown brought me close to tears. Watch the vid!


Saturday, May 24, 2008

Vkee's picnic retreat


the picnic goers

ice breaker game- amy, the husband, ssy, wife giving birth, angeline, the doctor

Easily distracted Sam ogling at the hot chics ignoring the singing session


the 2 pretty chics

Group picture

Percintaan Peter Wong *ice breaker game*

Picking his nose


Girls just like taking pics

Elder sis to us

Boon beng..

Happy happy



Ice breaking

Friday, May 23, 2008

MU champion

The football match this time around was quite interesting although it was quite boring for the whole 90 mins game with Ronaldo scoring the 1st goal at the 26th minute and Lampard scoring for Chelsea at the 45th minute making it a tie at 1-1. Additional 30 minutes was given, and a lot of fouls were committed .

Ronaldo's head shot..

Lampard's goal

I was shocked when Drogba was sent off at the 116th minute as he slapped Vidic's face out of anger. That left Chelsea with 1 missing player against the full force 11 players of MU. Still, there wasn't any changes with the score.

Drogba with the red card

Penalty kick-out started and all of us were at the edge of our seats cheering for our beloved teams! Ronaldo missed 1 penalty shot thus everyone thought Chelsea had the advantage to win! Out of the sudden at the 5th penalty shot, Terry slipped and both were tied at 4-4!

Dejected Terry

Omg, it was so intense. All of us who were watching can't stop shouting and screaming! In the end, Van de Sar managed to save Anelka's shot and MU clenched the title with 6-5 penalties as..



While watching the match...


Dom making face..with his MU jersey..

The guys who were initially watching the match ran out of their respected hostel rooms and started singing MU song at the corridor creating huge fuss. Lol.

I was kind of sad when Chelsea lost..was kind of hoping they can win..nevermind, try again next year ok? :D

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The final

Like in the previous stated post, the Champion's League final was held miraculously in Moscow, Russia and we were quite lucky to be able watch the match although we had to watch it at the comfort of our own hostel rooms. Lol. The cheapest ticket can easily reach 200 euros.

Yay got to take a pic with the giant ball!

I was previously stating how frustrated I was when I missed the few days of the exhibition which was held in Red Square and I had that 'last day' to experience it. By hook or by crook I need to be there. I actually departed from the hostel to the center around 11.30am with a friend of mine , Nana but unfortunately our next class was scheduled at 1.00pm. Desperate and with little time to spare, we were hoping that everything will be a breeze, so we can grab some freebies and take some memorable pictures. But once arrived, we were shock to find out that the entrance was closed and we had to wait for an hour for it to be reopened again. Dejected and disappointed we left the place and headed for our ID class that we were already late for almost 40 mins! Attendance taken, and the class ended on not really a happy note.

Nevertheless, I joined my football manic friends, Sam, Balshoi and Moyie to the center yet again! This time around it was FUN! We had a great time walking around the booths, took free pins, posed for some nice pictures, watched a short movie about the past achievements of Champs League, and lastly, all of us posed with 2 kids that were acting like statues, changing their poses every 2 mins.

Posing at the entrance

With the Ford mascot

Junior football competition

The trophy room where the genuine replica of the trophy was exhibited

Moscow 2008

While queuing up the movie to start, we took notice of this cute guy there! The one with the blue shorts!

I took up the courage to ask for a picture with him, and he blushed. Lol. Cute little kid. One of the finalist for the below 16 football competition. * But he's so tall*

Posing under the rain

The screen

The souvenir room..


Chelsea, Liverpool

It's Kaka..

Outside the theatre room

The infamous referee

St Basil on a rainy day

Chelsea booth

One of the best finals ever..

Face painting

We got ours too!

MU fan

The cute couple

The teddy

Isaac and Shafiq.

Standing still

I am one of them? :P

Sticking the tongue out

Jo what you doing?

My hand was at the wrong angle!

That woman gave that kid a real wet kiss!

LOL. Trashed

What was I thinking? LOL

Chelsea against MU

Your 'ketiak' stinks..

Trying to grab his juicy ass..

The never-ending posers.

Main tumbuk

Blah la you Chelsea, by Sam

Gimme a kiss.. lol


Finally a normal picture


Chelsea Chelsea!

But Ronaldo is still the cutest :P