Friday, May 23, 2008

MU champion

The football match this time around was quite interesting although it was quite boring for the whole 90 mins game with Ronaldo scoring the 1st goal at the 26th minute and Lampard scoring for Chelsea at the 45th minute making it a tie at 1-1. Additional 30 minutes was given, and a lot of fouls were committed .

Ronaldo's head shot..

Lampard's goal

I was shocked when Drogba was sent off at the 116th minute as he slapped Vidic's face out of anger. That left Chelsea with 1 missing player against the full force 11 players of MU. Still, there wasn't any changes with the score.

Drogba with the red card

Penalty kick-out started and all of us were at the edge of our seats cheering for our beloved teams! Ronaldo missed 1 penalty shot thus everyone thought Chelsea had the advantage to win! Out of the sudden at the 5th penalty shot, Terry slipped and both were tied at 4-4!

Dejected Terry

Omg, it was so intense. All of us who were watching can't stop shouting and screaming! In the end, Van de Sar managed to save Anelka's shot and MU clenched the title with 6-5 penalties as..



While watching the match...


Dom making face..with his MU jersey..

The guys who were initially watching the match ran out of their respected hostel rooms and started singing MU song at the corridor creating huge fuss. Lol.

I was kind of sad when Chelsea lost..was kind of hoping they can win..nevermind, try again next year ok? :D

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