Saturday, June 28, 2008

Urbanscapes rocks!

Pic of yesterday

Hello ugly duckling. LOL. -_-''


All ready for the event~!

Kinkybluefairy!~ She's HOT..So happy to be able to meet her :)

Loving the sunnies~

Take me to where I want to be


Art exhibition


The polyester robot


Tongue in Chic

Loving the bazaar! Bought so many goodies!!! :D :D I am a HAPPY girl~~

Nice nice

Hot and sunny LAH!

I am a POSER...


Random performance



Pose and smile~

Lychee milk after basking under the sun.

p/s: Thanks for being my chauffeur and driver for the day. You know who you are :) Teehee~~

Time to get a new BAG...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Loving Tuesday!

Today was a productive day indeed! Finally got my friggin' hair done! Sigh. You guys have no idea I had been waiting the whole time for the hairstylist to lay her hands and scissors on my hair because it took 2 hours to dye my hair before cutting it! I told her, 'No more BOB for me please!' and she replied 'No no, not going to cut BOB for you my dear. Lets do something more feminine for you.'


Waiting for her to cut my hair after dye + wash + blow

While waiting impatiently for the dye to stay. Mei done with her haircut already. Cute right?

Done. Loving it.

Camwhores in the car. LOL

'Mei mei, take a full body picture for me', I demanded.

We went over to 1 UTAMA to meet up with Dude. Aih, Mei was so right. He's always late. Deng you. Said meeting up at 3pm you only arrived at 4 something. Ishh. Thanks for the treat though. Tee hee.

Makan at BBQ Plaza. MY FAV RESTAURANT in 1UTAMA...wooot..sedap giler..

Long time no see punya 'zi mui'

The 'YAO MOU' Dude and Amy :)

Cutie Mei Mei

95% finished

2nd stop: KTZ tong sui *I showed a toothy smile, Mei with her pursed lip smile.*

*Vice versa*

Went window shopping at Forever 21. Mei convinced me to buy this white summer dress -_-''

Pose 1

Pose 2

2 of us

Honey dew Loh

My delicious Mango Loh. Yum Yum


Zi bao kai *Paper chicken* Kena conned though...

Damn Poser..

We parted our ways at 8.30pm. Next outing: Friday :)

p/s: Hows my new hair?Today's outfit by Mei's fashion blog. Visit here.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


It started off being itchy, dry and flaky. When in contact with lotion, searing pain can be felt. Then the patches of redness will turn brown and became pigments on the the facial skin.

Overall, you will look darker with uneven skin tone.

THAT WAS WHAT HAPPEN TO ME! A week before I flew back my face started developing rashes. My precious PORCELAIN face...

Everyone asked what happen to my once 'pretty good' skin. Went to the beauty centre today and did the special treatment for allergic skin. Burn me a good rm120 for the facial + additional rm120 for the cleanser and cream I bought in dire to save my face! So PK now sigh.

Will be going to the salon with Mei and 1utama to meet Dude-y tomorrow as today was cancelled although we did meet up for some shopping near my house + a visit to my dad's shop.

Can't wait for tomorrow!!!!! Oh, I spent these two days doing Pilate's which I stopped for nearly a year as my room is too cramped up back in Moscow to be able to move and exercise in. Just hope to be fit before going for my beach escapade in 2 weeks time!! LALALALA

p/s: Bro likes the jersey I bought for him although he was being 'darn' cool about it saying he prefers if it's the Spain jersey because it looks nicer. pfft!!! But I am so forcing him to wear it on his birthday this Saturday. :)

*life's good*

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Doha transit

Yo peeps.

Didn't get to bid goodbye to everyone prior to departure. Was just too busy the day before flying off. Submitted my results to the office as well as getting the translation result letter chopped before going Ramstore for final withdrawal of money. Started cooking when I reached home. Invited a couple of friends over because I needed to finish all my food stock before I leave. Lol. I was the 'chef' of the night. So proud of myself. Haha. Kogi praised my cooking lalalalala..
We hung out and chatted the whole night through. It was 3am when we decided to end the night and I resumed my last minute packing plus showered. Hit the sack at 5am and woke up at 9am and got ready for the airport.

Now I am at the Doha transit. Sighs. 6 hours transit. What am I going to do here all alone?

Oh yea, you guys should CONSIDER sitting Qatar Airways next time. The service IS WAY BETTER THAN BEFORE! And there's individual screens for every passenger seats. Plus, the food was scrumptious. I was famished I ate 2 portions. 1 was the lamb thingie and another is the chicken one. Yum yum yum.....I am such a PIG.. LOL

Oh yea, I am so HAPPY!! I just bought Swarovski's crystal ear studs for my mom!!! So BEAUTIFUL man! Sigh I wish I was at the receiving end. Mama..I am sure you're going to love it....70usd though. Friggin' expensive. When is my turn to get one ar? The only one I have which I am still keeping until now cause I friggin' love the diamond ring was the 'D&P' which was like 5 years ago! LOL.

Anaand the puke boy, if you're reading this, I BOUGHT THE RUSSIA NIKE JERSEY!!! The one we saw at Mega? It was way cheaper at the airport since its tax free! Bought the white one for my beloved bro and it cost me 35 euros. I lost the RSMU jersey I made with my bro's name printed behind with the infamous number '7'. Just can't find it anywhere!! Was so frustrated ok!! Now, I can finally breath a sigh of relief now that I bought something to replace it. Can't wait to see his reaction when he sees the 'cun-ted' jersey!!

The shirt I bought at the Mega will be given to my father. So then EVERYONE IN THE HOUSEHOLD will be happy. Just hope they won't scold me for spending money but it's from my savings. Should be alright I guess.

Moscow, I am going to miss you k? See you in September darling! Oh, I will be updating my blog quite often but not as often as before. So you guys stay tune k?

*Signing off*

Friday, June 20, 2008

Leaving on a jet plane

Yes people! Miss Amy is leaving Moscow grounds for a good two months plus for an exciting and happy summer holiday back home!~ Teeeheeee... Leaving on 21st June this Saturday which is like less than 48 hours from now. Will be reaching KL on 22nd June, Sunday.

My final exam ended with an Okay note today. Not too good but not too bad either. Contented is what I feel right now. No more worries. No more frustrating nights of endless studying. Can't believe it's finally over, TEMPORARILY. Lol.

Had a tiring day today! Didn't sleep a wink the night before. Last minute preparation and over-dose of green tea again. I rested for awhile at 5am and I dream of myself studying. How crazy is this? Exam ended and I proceeded to 'spontaneous' decision to change my initial flight date of 27th June to 21st since there's nothing much here for me to do other than eat, sleep and watch movie now that everything is over.

Mom asked me to bring some wine bottles back home. So I went to Ikea for lunch, shopping at Mega and managed to buy a nice shirt for my bro *his birthday coming soon* & wine-shopping at Ashan with puke boy Anaand. Haha.

Still hungered for more food, we decided to go Jasmine Korean restaurant for dinner again. Sigh, the fat me can't stop eating and keep on consuming more and more. But food was nice :)

Yay yay! So far got 2 appointments with my beloved friends already.

23rd June, Monday: A trip to the hair salon for my long-awaited hair makeover with Meimei. Probably hang out at Sri Hartamas for awhile.

Sorry Alfie. Your lunch on Monday can postpone to Tuesday? You also want me to look good and fresh right. Lol.

Tired, tired, tired. But, just...C.O.N.T.E.N.T.E.D.


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Super. Cannot. Make. It

Below are my self-taken pictures. It has been ages since I cam-whored so if you EXCUSE ME, I would like to post a few of them here. Coincidentally Steph asked me out for dinner at Jasmine Korean Restaurant today since she's flying off to Malaysia tomorrow. So i took the dinner as an opportunity for me to 'make up' for the occasion since the last time I splashed any colors on my face was during Massad 1 month plus ago.

Oh, the eyeliner style was inspired initially by Amy Winehouse and then by JiaWei. So I tried it on. Don't think it turned out too well though.

Photoshop-ed like crazy..Red face monster

Half-hearted smile...

I am so vain you have no idea.

Tried on a sexy pout by fail miserably. I think I look like a Eurasian chick in this pic. Lol.

Another one.





My fav:

Amy's lousy pout.