Friday, June 20, 2008

Leaving on a jet plane

Yes people! Miss Amy is leaving Moscow grounds for a good two months plus for an exciting and happy summer holiday back home!~ Teeeheeee... Leaving on 21st June this Saturday which is like less than 48 hours from now. Will be reaching KL on 22nd June, Sunday.

My final exam ended with an Okay note today. Not too good but not too bad either. Contented is what I feel right now. No more worries. No more frustrating nights of endless studying. Can't believe it's finally over, TEMPORARILY. Lol.

Had a tiring day today! Didn't sleep a wink the night before. Last minute preparation and over-dose of green tea again. I rested for awhile at 5am and I dream of myself studying. How crazy is this? Exam ended and I proceeded to 'spontaneous' decision to change my initial flight date of 27th June to 21st since there's nothing much here for me to do other than eat, sleep and watch movie now that everything is over.

Mom asked me to bring some wine bottles back home. So I went to Ikea for lunch, shopping at Mega and managed to buy a nice shirt for my bro *his birthday coming soon* & wine-shopping at Ashan with puke boy Anaand. Haha.

Still hungered for more food, we decided to go Jasmine Korean restaurant for dinner again. Sigh, the fat me can't stop eating and keep on consuming more and more. But food was nice :)

Yay yay! So far got 2 appointments with my beloved friends already.

23rd June, Monday: A trip to the hair salon for my long-awaited hair makeover with Meimei. Probably hang out at Sri Hartamas for awhile.

Sorry Alfie. Your lunch on Monday can postpone to Tuesday? You also want me to look good and fresh right. Lol.

Tired, tired, tired. But, just...C.O.N.T.E.N.T.E.D.


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