Saturday, August 28, 2010

I am officially back!

Sorry for the long hiatus! I was on a long holidays at Malaysia. So many things has happened and I had not have time to jot them down on this little blog of mine! But I promise more updates coming up alright!

I am back to Moscow already on the 24th August 2010. Classes are starting on the 1st Sept 2010. Can't wait! In the mean time, I am enjoying chilling and going out with my dear friends almost everyday!

Lets hope for my final year to be a joyous and great one ok? =) Enjoy~~

Love the wedges. Which I have. A similar one. But too bad it was a fashion disaster for me today =((

Here I am updating the most current picture of me =)

Kitai Gorod. Cropped picture. Because my shoes + socks was a total disaster!