Saturday, November 29, 2008

The heart of the game.

I did not realize the last post was dated last Monday and it's already Friday today. Have been really caught up with things happening in my life now. Weekend's as busy as ever with photo shoot outings, and futsal on Friday and Saturday. Sunday's rarely an off day for me. But I am not complaining! These few weeks has been the one of the most enjoyable weeks here in Moscow. I have something else to do besides academics, things I enjoy and love doing. 

Currently been caught up with my winter holiday planning. So many things to do and finalize before the 'big' thing in January. I can't wait. It's going to be a blast right, Kim? :)

Back to the game last Saturday, I was a bit late because I was rushing from another place to the futsal court. My captain was calling me frantically the whole time through but I was already on my fastest route there. I reached just in time for a 10 minutes stretching exercise before the game began. *still with remnants of makeup on my face (for photo shoot) although I cleansed my face twice before rushing off to the futsal court!*. 

As usual *with a proud look*, we won. 3-1 to Q.O.S (Queens of Spartans) :). The goal they score was I think our biggest mistake, but it was okay.

Proud moments.

A defender turned forward wing after half time. Woohoo, I was manoeuvring the ball! Damn cool :)


Trying to be my goalie's best defender. LOL

A moment of togetherness. In unity we prevail! :)

Currently inspired by,

Bandung shoot set. Location: Melbourne, Aussie.

Monday, November 24, 2008

2nd batch

We were actually not totally satisfied with the photoshoot this time around. The pictures taken were not up to our expectation unfortunately, but there's always room for improvement right? We will nail the next one that's for sure :)

The photographer wanted to try out different feels for different shots. So here goes:


Not the best but good try. I looked fat.

Up close

*stands for me in German*

Photographer's thoughts on this picture:
"like the slight ooze of confidence streaming from the unsealed lips, with the glance of her eyes, seemingly engaging whoever is looking at this picture." 

*I looked astonishingly young in this picture.LOL*

*All captions are chosen by the photographer himself*

Rocker glam chic vs smart casual

Winter's here. Blazing snow daily. We were unable to have our photo shoots outdoor. Thus, the normal portrait shots this time around.

The first 3 pictures that the photographer hand-picked:




Models: Amy & Gabriel
Credits to Sooann for Amy's makeup and hairdo. Fantastic job.
Credits to photographer for Gabriel's outfit and hairdo.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

It's true when they say, people always leave.

A woman so beautiful inside out that you can see no flaws.
An elder so wise and charming that you will look up to with awe.
A wife so loyal and true that a husband can complain of none.
A grandmother so loving and caring, the grandchildren grew up to be smart and successful.

It breaks my heart to know that you're gone. 

I still remember the times you reasoned me about future and life. Your delicious meehoon goreng with the best sambal ever. The biggest angpow I receive every year is from you.

I will always cherish and remember you and your beautiful smile my 'Beh Nin'. 

Forever be in my heart.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hey you!

All my life I lived with ease. Pampered and showered with everything that I wanted and needed. Parents aren't exactly the strict type. They let me roam freely when I turned 18. I have experienced most girl wouldn't at the edge of teenage life to adulthood. Except say no to drugs of cause. The only thing I thought about it having FUN, living my life to the fullest, do the things I want to do, not caring what matters in the future for that matter, live for today not for tomorrow that sort.

A fellow stranger came into my life. The first question that popped out was 'Do you have a purpose in life?'. I emerged from my bubble of wondrous easy life and for a minute there I stared at him, speechless.

'UUuhh, I don't really have one unless you're talking bout having fun fun and fun till the day I die?'

And I felt embarrassment washing over me. Covering every inch of my face. What am I doing here in Moscow? I think to myself. 

You came here to study and be well and graduate with full knowledge on the subject itself no? You came here to be a great doctor who can save lives in the future no? You came here to achieve your dreams and to be successful no? 

Then what the hell have you been doing for the past 4 years?

Truth to be told, I'm totally-not-stick-to-books type. I only open them during major exams and finals. At the end of the day, what you do is what you get. You can only manage to absorb that much of info's in your head. And us having 'short term' memory when we study last minute, all the medical terms will be gone from our head in a month's time tops.

Yea. He gave me new insight in things that I did and things I need to do. He showed me the way to be a 'better' me. If you're good why not be great?

Yea. You can have all the fun in the world, go clubbing during weekends, be hell of a player in sports at the end of the day, you're still a MEDICAL STUDENT.

So what you need to do now is open you friggin' books and start studying!

And I am telling this to all the fellows out there who's been slacking for the past years! Its time to buckle up! We're going to graduate soon and the least we can do is not to be 'condemned' by the panel of doctors back in Malaysia when we do our houseman ship!

*Scurries off to be with my best friend currently (books)!*

Narcissistic pic before signing off

Old picture as I haven't been camwhoring much. Next week I promise! :)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Let it all out!

The wandering mouths of people. Sometimes I do wonder if what humans like to do are just gossiping and talking crap about others. I will not say that I am that 'holy' in that sense. Sometimes I will be complaining about people that I dislike or who have been unseemly rude and annoying. 

I hate it when I do the things I do with pride and dignity but some how those 'keypohchi' people will distort the truth, add their own spices in it and hence a great story well-written.

I don't see the wrong in involving myself in certain activities which may seem 'taboo' to certain people. Having PDA with another fellow model for work and professional purposes doesn't make me a 'whore' or a cheapo. I am just fulfilling my job as a picture model. And who are you to say we don't have what it takes to be photographed? Or the male model is horrid looking and so is the female one? 

Going out with guys who are my close friends one on one doesn't make me a player. What is wrong with going out with guy friends who are better looking than your own boyfriend? Jealous?
Having other friends from another university and hanging out with them more than the peeps in my uni doesn't make me a socially dysfunction. I just don't like to hang out with fake people.

I wish that I can do the things I do without people chipping in, giving me their own side of 'unwanted' ideas and insults. I don't need them. You live your life. I live mine. Simple.

Having said that, *sighs* I rest my case.

On a happier note,

GO GO PEBBLES! Hehe. Our team has won yet again on our 2nd game for the futsal league. 1-0 against Wild Chickas frm M1.

Spirits to fight, the urge to WIN! :)

1st game: G.I.A vs Pebbles , 0-3 (won)

Team spirit!

Teammates (had to tie up my hair for maximum performance LOL)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Converse and Circus

Outings dated 2 weeks back. Late update due to photo shoots for the past 2 weeks. Went Richnoi Vokzal with Dinesh one of the days during the 4 days break. I was dying to see some gorgeous sneakers which he assured me will be feast for the eyes. Let's just say I was ecstatic when I saw some of the shoes that we can only ogle online and are deemed unavailable in Malaysia's market.

Us trying the beanie head gear. OMG. Those are totally GORGEOUS. But too bad it's overpriced! 950rubles for one! WTH!

Obscene poster at one of the shops

Yeah. He's cool ain't it.

Circus at Prospect Vernadskava.

Opening act

Juggling performance

Full house

Mongolian contortionists

Agile and extremely flexible.

Lions and tigers.

Bike show.

Half time. Like the outcome of this picture!

Male gymnasts.

The girls: Shu Shien, Amy, Eekim

During the beginning of the show, we were happy.

And then it got bored when they were having some basic juggling shows. Aih.

Magical colors.

The end.

BoonBeng got strangled by me. Haha.

The whole bunch of us excluding James, who was the one who snapped the picture.

Circus shoots taken by your blogger, Amyksy using Canon Ixus 80IS.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Love Story continues.

Models: Amy and Gabriel
Location: Belaruskaya train tracks & abandoned factory, Moscow

Be my light

My man

People's favorite: Token of Love

Relief - Sharing a light moment during photoshoot

Like this picture:


My all time favorite portrait from the photographer:

Old man and the Lady
Location: Sergei Posad, Russia

Sunday, November 09, 2008

A Love Story

Models: Amy and Gabriel
Location: Belaruskaya, Moscow

The First meet
01, two, 3

This moment



You - duo tone version


What now?


Models are not romantically involved. We were handpicked by the photographer to portray the roles of two lovers. Thanks to SooAnn for the gorgeous makeup. Wardrobe, model's own.