Saturday, November 29, 2008

The heart of the game.

I did not realize the last post was dated last Monday and it's already Friday today. Have been really caught up with things happening in my life now. Weekend's as busy as ever with photo shoot outings, and futsal on Friday and Saturday. Sunday's rarely an off day for me. But I am not complaining! These few weeks has been the one of the most enjoyable weeks here in Moscow. I have something else to do besides academics, things I enjoy and love doing. 

Currently been caught up with my winter holiday planning. So many things to do and finalize before the 'big' thing in January. I can't wait. It's going to be a blast right, Kim? :)

Back to the game last Saturday, I was a bit late because I was rushing from another place to the futsal court. My captain was calling me frantically the whole time through but I was already on my fastest route there. I reached just in time for a 10 minutes stretching exercise before the game began. *still with remnants of makeup on my face (for photo shoot) although I cleansed my face twice before rushing off to the futsal court!*. 

As usual *with a proud look*, we won. 3-1 to Q.O.S (Queens of Spartans) :). The goal they score was I think our biggest mistake, but it was okay.

Proud moments.

A defender turned forward wing after half time. Woohoo, I was manoeuvring the ball! Damn cool :)


Trying to be my goalie's best defender. LOL

A moment of togetherness. In unity we prevail! :)

Currently inspired by,

Bandung shoot set. Location: Melbourne, Aussie.

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