Friday, February 29, 2008

planeta sushi turn to kfc~

It was a lovely Monday morning, all of us already decided to head for planeta sushi buffet. When we reached we were sad to find out that it was off for the day because it's holiday in conjunction with Men's day. -_-'' Dejected and disappointed we headed to rostik for lunch instead and had quite an enjoyable time together. We must go sushi again next week k! I want BUFFET!!!!

2 buckets of chics

Us without Kristof

With the birthday boy, Mohan

Me with the chic!

The guys

Mmm..nice to makan

All of us

We posed outside the shopping mall for so long! Lol

We all look so nice except for Eekim who is doing the 'M' sign for Mohan -_-''


They said my pose too 'yeng' so they join in too :P



We are strong!



Planeta sushi sign at the back!

Each and everyone one of the girls are told to pose with the grocery they like best. For me, its definitely the green tea!

Eekim's milk powder

Sooj like instant noodles! Haha

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Japanese and Korean food back to back~

Woohoo..I must be one of the luckiest person around :) Went Planeta sushi for dinner with GY last Monday. The food was F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C!!!! Sworn could have just fainted after eating a piece of their unagi maki. I know I know, all I eat of sushi is unagi. But since its expensive to eat sushi in Moscow, I'll try the other sushis out when I am back in Malaysia ok! Jap buffet what do you say people? Mei!!! Jogoya!!! :D :D haha.. The ambiance at Frunzen's Planeta Sushi was great. Better than Novi Cheremuski's one plus we can order from any other joined restaurant eg: TGIF, Patio, etc etc.

We ended our hearty dinner with mud pie from TGIF for dessert...UMPHH, delicious..:) Headed home straight after. THANKS for the dinner GY :)

Our food


How could I not take a picture in such a nice restaurant :P

Thanks to the waitress for this pic

GY and I, finally a picture together after knowing each other for quite long :)



Right after Opeha class Eekim was suggesting we go to this nice and cheap Korean restaurant near uni. So we asked a few person in the end 4 of us *Seah Tan, Eekim, Kristof and mua* walked all the way to Gastinitsa Saliot *I think* quite far and cold!!! But still nothing could bring our spirits down for some Korean food..But the moment we saw the restaurant we know something was WRONG. The door was CLOSED!!! No one inside! Sigh, closed down I suppose. Went to the next door Korean shop but its closed down too. Talk about bad luck!

We decided not to give up and go into the hotel but syok to find out there's another way to another Korean restaurant. I quickly lead them down and soon find this secluded Korean restaurant! We got the WHOLE room by ourselves! Cool isn't it? I think it's because we were too noisy to be given a seat outside. HAHA. Needless to say we took pictures like mad even though I had the sleepy face all the while -_-'' Food was good though it's a bit expensive. Kristof was in 'THE' mood to treat all the girls this time around. So we're a bunch of HAPPY, SATISFIED girls after lunch :) We should hang out like this more often, sipping on some green tea, eating kim chi, chit-chat and all. What a bliss in life!

yum yum no? hehe

The camwhore queens Lol


Yay. happy friends!

Our appetizers. We refilled for like 4 times! Pai seh

*Eat gracefully* quoted from Kristof

We're not going to lose to them! :P

Ice coffee for free..

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Chap Goh Meh and Birthday party~

It was 2 of the auspicious events for the day. We decided to have a pot luck last Friday. Everyone has to cook a dish. Since I am not much of a cook, I decided to stick to the dish I know best. I made pork kurma *sounds geli I know* Lol. But trust me it's delicious ok! :P Eekim did 'kong pou' chicken which was friggin' delicious! Seah Tan's sambal chicken was also a winning dish! Kristof did 'not edible' too salty- fish that ends up having the most leftovers :P Haha. Eh don't terasa it's true ok! Chong did 'po-li-sang choi' some vege with oyster sauce. YUM YUM! Siva prepared the sambal egg while Chua prepared the rich and 'longan' dessert for us. YUM YUM YUM YUM!!! The dishes were all so delicious. I couldn't wait to eat them when I saw them displayed right in front of me!

longan dessert

not complete dishes

yay quite complete haha

This is how Kristof is to us *confidence*

And this too * No one can beat me* :P

Yong Hsing's one *duno why must swt -_-''' * hehe


Baru habis makan

Guys can camwhore

ok a normal picture

For Chua.. hahaha

Sigh I looked so ugly :(

Kristof's seat

Lol. How ugly we've becomed..

Monday, February 25, 2008

the thought that comes with it~

Thanks for that ever so thoughtful gift for my belated birthday pressie Edric :) Still remember what happen in London that made you gave me this as a gift. Anyways. Thanks for always being there when I needed your assistance and help.

the pleasant surprise!~

Behold the pictures of the surprise my friends gave me during my birthday. :) Guys, I can't possibly explain how touched I am and how I appreciate our friendships together. Heart ya all....

Pictures in sequence. Taken with my groupmates one by one.

Yay. Whole group. Incomplete though. Hehe

With gorgeous Sooj in it

The boys

The girls *see how I held the knife -_-''*

I look so friggin chubby I look like a giant baby ain't it? sigh..

Jaz, Amy, Sooj *sleepyheads*

Karaoke session as always

Chua's block's bathroom's mirror :P

Suresh's and Siva's room..chilling after chor dai di..

Laugh like crazy.

Muka buat dek!



Jaz and moi

Sooj and mua with the cake slice

She was about to dirty my face with the cake cream!!

YAy....makan makan...

Gluttony Chong

Gluttony Chua

Girlsss rulesss...

Beautiful Seah Tan

Cutie pie Ee Kim

Posers of the double decker



Siva cutting the cake

Me just chilling eyes so small..

Girls just love taking pictures


My birthday cake...deliciouss..

Why do I look so serious?

It is a tedious task

What is Chua laughing at? -_-''

They took a picture without me :( :P haha

-mEmOrIeS wOrTh KeEpInG-