Monday, February 25, 2008

the pleasant surprise!~

Behold the pictures of the surprise my friends gave me during my birthday. :) Guys, I can't possibly explain how touched I am and how I appreciate our friendships together. Heart ya all....

Pictures in sequence. Taken with my groupmates one by one.

Yay. Whole group. Incomplete though. Hehe

With gorgeous Sooj in it

The boys

The girls *see how I held the knife -_-''*

I look so friggin chubby I look like a giant baby ain't it? sigh..

Jaz, Amy, Sooj *sleepyheads*

Karaoke session as always

Chua's block's bathroom's mirror :P

Suresh's and Siva's room..chilling after chor dai di..

Laugh like crazy.

Muka buat dek!



Jaz and moi

Sooj and mua with the cake slice

She was about to dirty my face with the cake cream!!

YAy....makan makan...

Gluttony Chong

Gluttony Chua

Girlsss rulesss...

Beautiful Seah Tan

Cutie pie Ee Kim

Posers of the double decker



Siva cutting the cake

Me just chilling eyes so small..

Girls just love taking pictures


My birthday cake...deliciouss..

Why do I look so serious?

It is a tedious task

What is Chua laughing at? -_-''

They took a picture without me :( :P haha

-mEmOrIeS wOrTh KeEpInG-

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