Friday, November 27, 2009

Arabic. Smoke. Food. Winter Night. Moscow.



The title of the post says it all. Unfortunately some pictures were not suitable to be viewed in public. Lol.

Can't wait for the next round. Shisha!!

Pork Shashlik

Pepperoni Pizza

He is smelly?



Poser in action


I love my outfit for the night. Seductive yet not overexposed =P

My favorite heels from Dubai. Among others. XD

This weekend shall be a GREAT one! <3

Sunday, November 22, 2009

B to the A to the L to the I.

Paddy field

Local kid

Breathtaking tanah lot

Japanese girls I assume


Feeling the breeze

Go fly kite


Abandoned seats


Ym and I. (great trip!)

Purplish effect as the sun sets. It was magnificent.



Thursday, November 19, 2009

Naughty snowfights.

Definitely candid

Adam, the snow was really beautiful.

Kept taking pictures along the way

Kat additional to the picture.

Snow fight. Childish yet fun!

Couldn't resist


Does it look familiar?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sun & Surfer's Paradise.

A totally backdated post.

I miss summer and its majestic warm days.

I miss suntanning in bikinis as waves frolic against the golden sandy beach.

Here I am welcoming the most dreadful season of the year, winter and its blasting snow!

Amyksy SURFING! WOOT! hehe.

With the surfing board. Classic.


Freshly showered after 2 hours of surfing.


As the sun sets

This is where we spent our nights.




Summer's drink

Rice terrace with the Balinese



Spiritual deeds




Monday, November 16, 2009

Of center outing & shuttlecocks

A girlish outing to the center for window shopping and simple dinner.

Red Square was closed for parade which was a pity.

Topshop was having its final few days of sales but we were too broke to purchase anything. I was eying on the studded grey biker jacket priced at 4000 rubles (cut throat~!)

Pictures time.


This old man who can speak English fluently came up to us and complimented on our looks.

I know what you are thinking guys, don't mock us!

Mua with the gentleman

Outfit for the day. It was devastatingly cold.
Love my online thrifted scarf!

Jacket: Zara
Scarf: Online thrifted
Wool leggings: H&M
Men's white long sleeved shirt: Seed
Black shorts: Atmosphere, UK
Grey boots: Milan, Italy
Bag: Nine west

Allysha, the model-material sis

 Inside Manish.


University's badminton team

We headed somewhere far for the 2nd competition of the semester against a Russian team. Too bad we lost.

Happy faces! ^^ *winks*

From left: Kat, Adam, Amy, Sherman, Vina


Adding Navin and Johnathan into the picture