Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Park with a hundred pictures

We headed over to the park one fine day after class at the University. Tasha just got her Nikon D60 so we decided to try it out. Here are the results.

The frozen lake began to melt.


Rolling up me sleeves.

Faces of the innocent ones

Love his eyes.

Generous with her smiles.

Let the eyes do the talking.

Pink cheeks.

With the mommy.


Tasha couldn't resist the temptation.

So did I =P

And we posed on a bright sunny day.

A close up picture of Tasha. Cute.

Sheila yang Ayu =)

Deep in thoughts.

Amy's camwhoring moments.

Messed up her hair in frustration. LOL

Close up of Amyksy.

Caught on candid camera.

Missing you.

'Come over here!', Amy beckoned.

Friends/ groupmates.

Finger licking good.

Merry joy.

Playing a fool.

We walked in unison.


Getting ready to leave.


Collage of me and my favorite kid.

I love her cheeky smile.

So cute.

Shy. She hid behind her bunny plush toy.

There were more than 30 pictures taken in this bench. LOL. Choose the best 4, make it into a collage.


The b/w collection

We stared into space.


Shadow on the ground.

Golden age.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Daily outfits

A few pictures for your eyes to feast before I am off for the weekend to Volgames 2009 at Volgograd!! Woooot wooott!! I can't wait! Time to trash the other teams man! :P Oh, I will be representing M2 for as you all know, Futsal (duh!) as well as athletic event, 4x100m relay! Omg, felt like I am back to high school! I can't wait to bring back some medals! Woohoo!~

I was browsing through my stats and I found this link. It's a translated babelfish version of my blog in mandarin. How cool is that? LOL.

My outfit on my first day of OZIZ class in the university. Normally my classes are at different hospitals.

2nd day of class and proceeding with taking pictures at the park opposite our hostel. It was a beautiful day if not for the cold wind.

Outfit 3

Weekend trip to Kropotkinskaya. Jimmy wanted to take some pictures so I accompanied. We were supposed to go Vorobiuri Gori but there were too many hooligans around and there wasn't any sun (It was a day before Hitler's birthday) so we went to Kropotkinskaya. Too bad the church was closed since it was already 6pm but we managed to capture some gorgeous shots. More pictures in the future.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Park in Spring.


karla's closet

The girl with gorgeous face, shockingly edgy hair, great body and exquisite taste in fashion!

I love her look! Blazer, bright scarf and killer pumps!

Taken in Florence. I went there too. Her picture turned out to be perfect. Love her striking oxford shoes! Omg!


Sizzling hot! I just love her hair!!!




p/s: More to come.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Haha you guys must be dead bored looking at me posing with the same outfit for the past few posts of Barcelona! Fret not, this is the last of the same outfit post. Hehe. Next up would be the 2nd day of Barcelona whereby I will feed you guys with the best of the best pictures taken again especially at the gorgeous Barceloneta Beach. Ok, let's end this =P

La Rambla Street. Bruno instructed me to take this picture.
Outcome: Not bad.

Woohoo. I love the pictures taken at the Port. Naturally beautiful.

Candid. Muka cacat. =P

Yea, the Brazilian dude saying Hola!


Birds flying low.

Another one of them view.

My best work so far. I Love this picture!
On a Lazy Sunday.

One of the cathedrals.

Cute doodles on the gate.

Let's Ride on a Bicycle.

Original without me in it. Nice eh?

Sitting down, reading a book.

All the gorgeous stuff!

Majestic Barcelona Cathedral.

The Chandelier.

Eerie beauty

Gorgeous colors.

It's exterior under construction =(

Fetish for graffiti!

All the other pictures of the human statues

Falcon beast or something?

He's so smart, no pay no taking pictures. He hid behind his wings.

Fairy godmother?

Spaceman on Earth.

Red grandma.

This magical creature. Seriously she was so gorgeous that day. I took a picture with her and gave her some money. She took my hand and gave me a dolphin pendant and wished me all the best. I was so touched!

Turned over chair.

Biker from Hell.