Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Haha you guys must be dead bored looking at me posing with the same outfit for the past few posts of Barcelona! Fret not, this is the last of the same outfit post. Hehe. Next up would be the 2nd day of Barcelona whereby I will feed you guys with the best of the best pictures taken again especially at the gorgeous Barceloneta Beach. Ok, let's end this =P

La Rambla Street. Bruno instructed me to take this picture.
Outcome: Not bad.

Woohoo. I love the pictures taken at the Port. Naturally beautiful.

Candid. Muka cacat. =P

Yea, the Brazilian dude saying Hola!


Birds flying low.

Another one of them view.

My best work so far. I Love this picture!
On a Lazy Sunday.

One of the cathedrals.

Cute doodles on the gate.

Let's Ride on a Bicycle.

Original without me in it. Nice eh?

Sitting down, reading a book.

All the gorgeous stuff!

Majestic Barcelona Cathedral.

The Chandelier.

Eerie beauty

Gorgeous colors.

It's exterior under construction =(

Fetish for graffiti!

All the other pictures of the human statues

Falcon beast or something?

He's so smart, no pay no taking pictures. He hid behind his wings.

Fairy godmother?

Spaceman on Earth.

Red grandma.

This magical creature. Seriously she was so gorgeous that day. I took a picture with her and gave her some money. She took my hand and gave me a dolphin pendant and wished me all the best. I was so touched!

Turned over chair.

Biker from Hell.


Jimmy said...

dear=)..all pic cunn..

AmyKsy said...

:D yaya!

Eve said...

i took photo with the golden angel before too!! like 2 years ago..and she gave me a star pendant.. :)