Wednesday, January 20, 2010

White Winter

Aiman doing the matrix stunt

Gastro- boy



I love this.


Ok. My lame ass jumping.




Snow walks


Against the shadow

Bus lady


Seeking flowers


Monday, January 18, 2010


2nd semester is finally over. Time to take off. Haha. I'll see you guys soon!

Before that.

Walking up

Love the scenery from top


Snowboarding rocks to the max.

Hao, Amy. Thanks for the teaching yo.


 Coming right up.


 Fell down so many times! Butt was kinda numb.

Snowboarding is cool!

Amy, Hao, KC.

p/s: I was so hooked on snowboarding. I went again 2 days later, which was 2 days prior to my finale exam *screw it, I did pretty well anyways*

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Just for you

I know I have never been one of the more likeable person in RSMU. And I think I know why. 

Few reasons:

1. Apparently, MY BLOG, the place where I can write whatever I want, post ANY pictures I want, basically just do whatever I want with it, is a source of entertainment for those lifeless, couch potatoes who does nothing other than surfing the net 24/7, planting their butts on their smelly chairs or bed every day for the past years they have been here. 

They say I love to put tons and tons of pictures in my blog and my facebook profile. And 90% are imprinted with my face. This ticks them off. Hello, it's called Missamyksy for a reason ain't it? It's my domain.

Now I ask them back, 'If you hate my face so much, why bother coming here in the first place? Nobody's pointing a gun at your forehead forcing you click every day ain't it?' Thanks for adding the stats for me though. Highly appreciate it.

2. They call me FAKE. I really have no idea why. I asked a fellow friend of mine. He gave me this reason. When guys are together, it's all about mannerism. Since you are so vain, basically people will assume you are FAKE.

I was dumbfounded. Since when a person is vain, he/she is categorized as a faker? I am as realistic as a person can be. I don't do plastic surgeries. I don't go around flirting with repulsive male creatures in the hostel.

Just because someone has some confidence, and well, is vain *I admit I am*, doesn't make them fake.

If you guys really hate amykor, there's a simple solution to this.

1. Delete/ block me off FACEBOOK. (I don't mind losing a couple of friends in list. Have one too many anyways.)

2. Stop bookmarking my blog in your internet browser dang it!

p/s: Stop being a hypocrite if you claim you hate people who bitch, when you're doing the same thing. Being in denial is not healthy.


Friday, January 15, 2010

Going for the extreme. Should I?


Dye my hair platinum blonde?


Joke of the day

The most hate-able Pathology Physiology teacher on earth.

Hahaha. Nicely done by Karthik. (officially my msn msg pic)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Stupid shoes! Stop bugging me!


Another killer bootie that I have been lusting for months!!

Monica Fig French Bulldog Booties worn by a famous blogger.

Awesome aren't they?

Cost around 130 usd! Damn it!


Latest fashion hype

Bandage leggings with floral/colorful leggings paired up with awesome wedges. Oh So Amazing!


This pair of black killer wedges been bugging me the entire day!!

To buy or not to buy??

I am already ordering 2 other wedges online.


Love these shoes!!! omggg..

p/s: OZIZ exam tomorrow. I just want to pass!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Metropolis Shopping Spree

It happened one of the days last week. Apparently there's major Winter Sale going on here in Moscow. Many whom went to shopping malls came back holding numerous big paper bags! You guys know I have always been a shopaholic, so its ABNORMAL for me not to hit the malls. LOL. So I did! And came back with ALL THE LOVELY STUFF XD *loves* This was the second shopping outing as I went out the first time with Aiman to Kievskaya mall.

Aiman scratching his head

We love eating KFC spicy chicken wings!!


Nadia. I like her. Very confident and it is so easy to take her pictures :)


 Me..always the same friggin' pose. Sien.

3 girls. Nad tried to tickle me so that we can have a natural picture taken. LOL.

 While sipping coffee at Coffee House.

Aiman. Semattt.

Xmas tree

I love the ceiling and its ornaments~!


Full bod. I looked pale. Wasn't dressed up that day. Hehe. :)

Figured I'd do something new with my hair. Hence the scarf.

Love this final picture of mine :) :)

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Let's appreciate a little bit of this

Rinze van Brug

His wondeful collection of pictures taken in Italy.

Love that country.



Collection of portraits in his album called





Thursday, January 07, 2010

My Winter Sonata

I love it as the soft rays of the sun kisses my face.
The wind blowing my tousled hair.
The snow falling gently on the white grounds.
My Winter Sonata.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010


What's with people nowadays? I thought there is freedom to express own self as long as its within the limitations. I bet there's a handful of people who hate me for god-knows-what reasons. I live my own life, I am not bothered with other people's business, I hang out with my close friends, do my own shit. Still people always have something to say about me.

Firstly this is my blog. So what's wrong with making it into a photo-blog, unconsciously. I have been really lazy lately, I think it is due to the fact that I own a dslr now and photography is my new found love since 6 months ago. I appreciate you guys who made me realize, yea, my blog turned lifeless and heck its time to make it alive! So anon, thanks for the words of advice I will take them into consideration.

What really pisses me off is the extend of someone will go just to tell you they hate you. I was on my way to my glorious shopping outing today, and my phone buzzed. This came through from megafon FREE SMS (why so cheapskate, can't send with your own phone number is it):

'Hey for goodness sake u look damn fat and a like king kong in the photo! where is your professional photographer! dont be a eyesore in fb!'

The weird thing is, I did not felt hurt or humiliated in fact I felt highly amused by it. First, what's with the bad command of english? Can't differentiate between a and an. WTF. LOL. I guess the sms was due to that bunch of pictures a friend posted without going through the filtering process which ended up in all the unflattering pictures of me were published all over fb which I have all untagged. I really want to know who's the mastermind behind this. I am guessing it's someone close cause the person knows my contact number. LOL.

Ok, guys/girls. If you're dissatisfied with me, just say it to my face. Voice it out and don't bother trying to mask yourself and be a wimp!



For stress-relieving purposes (exams and all)