Sunday, January 17, 2010

Just for you

I know I have never been one of the more likeable person in RSMU. And I think I know why. 

Few reasons:

1. Apparently, MY BLOG, the place where I can write whatever I want, post ANY pictures I want, basically just do whatever I want with it, is a source of entertainment for those lifeless, couch potatoes who does nothing other than surfing the net 24/7, planting their butts on their smelly chairs or bed every day for the past years they have been here. 

They say I love to put tons and tons of pictures in my blog and my facebook profile. And 90% are imprinted with my face. This ticks them off. Hello, it's called Missamyksy for a reason ain't it? It's my domain.

Now I ask them back, 'If you hate my face so much, why bother coming here in the first place? Nobody's pointing a gun at your forehead forcing you click every day ain't it?' Thanks for adding the stats for me though. Highly appreciate it.

2. They call me FAKE. I really have no idea why. I asked a fellow friend of mine. He gave me this reason. When guys are together, it's all about mannerism. Since you are so vain, basically people will assume you are FAKE.

I was dumbfounded. Since when a person is vain, he/she is categorized as a faker? I am as realistic as a person can be. I don't do plastic surgeries. I don't go around flirting with repulsive male creatures in the hostel.

Just because someone has some confidence, and well, is vain *I admit I am*, doesn't make them fake.

If you guys really hate amykor, there's a simple solution to this.

1. Delete/ block me off FACEBOOK. (I don't mind losing a couple of friends in list. Have one too many anyways.)

2. Stop bookmarking my blog in your internet browser dang it!

p/s: Stop being a hypocrite if you claim you hate people who bitch, when you're doing the same thing. Being in denial is not healthy.



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Pearly said...

i actually love your pictures very much! especially those with you in it. how can anyone think you're fake, you're the exact opposite! LOL!