Monday, March 30, 2009

Clubbing in Spain

After more than a month of documenting my Winter trip 2009, it has come to the final destination, Barcelona.

These are the pictures taken during the eventful night on a packed Friday in my favorite city throughout the trip.

Eekim and I paid around 20euros per person for a night consisting of Sangria & Tapas for dinner, Flamingo dance and club hopping till dawn. It was worth every cent paid.

Amyksy in her new-buy shirt from Zara with tapas & sangria.

Its Charlie Brown from Australia :)

Yum Yum. But too little to be satisfied.

The people we met that night. It was CRAZEEEE! All of us were on a trishaw while taking this picture. Believe it or not!

Hehe. Siao & Fun people.

Bar hopping.

The flamingo dance.

Hot girl dancing.

She looks like a super model. LOL.

Red lights.

Amy, Hly Os, Eekim

Okay, he was drunk.

The deejays in the restroom. Hot eh!

Hot Spanish chickas.

Nick, Carmen, Charlie, Amy
(Its amazing how I still remember their names) hehe

Another one. Carmen's flawless in every picture!



Hot bartender.

Another one of them pic.

Presenting to you the All-American guy, Dena Barnes. It was his birthday that fateful night and all of us sang the birthday song for him. It was memorable. Oh, wonder why he's hot? He's a model and he's my age too. LOL

Catwalk club

Along the Barceloneta Beach at night.

A beautiful and high night to remember.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Is brain necessary?

Do we really think with our brain? Is brain vital for mind processing? Or not?

British Neurologist, John Lorber conducted case studies involving victims with hydrocephalus, more commonly known as water in the brain. The condition results from an abnormal build up of (cerebrospinal fluid) CSF and can cause severe retardation and death if not treated.

Two young children with hydrocephalus referred to Lorber presented with normal mental development for their age. In both children, there was no evidence of a cerebral cortex. One of the children died at age 3 months, the second at 12 months. He was still following a normal development profile with the exception of the apparent lack of cerebral tissue shown by repeated medical testing.

Later, a colleague at Sheffield University became aware of a young man with a larger than normal head. He was referred to Lorber even though it had not caused him any difficulty. Although the boy had an IQ of 126 and had a first class honours degree in mathematics, he had "virtually no brain". A noninvasive measurement of radio density known as CAT scan showed the boy's skull was lined with a thin layer of brain cells to a millimeter in thickness. The rest of his skull was filled with CSF. The young man continues a normal life with the exception of his knowledge that he has no brain.

He has documented over 600 scans of people with hydrocephalus and has broken them into four groups:

a. those with nearly normal brains
b. those with 50-70% of the cranium filled with CSF
c. those with 70-90% of the cranium filled with CSF
d. and the most severe group with 95% of the cranial cavity filled with CSF

Many neurologists feel that this is a tribute to the brain's redundancy and its ability to reassign functions. Others, however, are not so sure. Patrick Wall, professor of anatomy at University College, London states "To talk of redundancy is a cop-out to get around something you don't understand."

Norman Geschwind, a neurologist at Boston's Beth Israel Hospital agrees: "Certainly the brain has a remarkable capacity for reassigning functions following trauma, but you can usually pick up some kind of deficit with the right tests, even after apparently full recovery."

What is your opinion guys? Or is it more towards inner cognitive thinking? *an opinion from a fellow friend*


Rufflesia Futsal League Finale 2008/2009

yay! Pebbles, 1st runner up :)


While waiting for the prize giving ceremony.

Can you spot me? LOL. fun fun fun.


2nd jamming session

Busu, lead guitarist. Head of the band.

Zul, Electric guitarist.

Chai, bassist.
Take note of his cool 'fret-less' bass guitar.

Sam, drummer.

Last but not least, your blogger.

Playing a fool. Exchanging roles.

Nice electric guitar.

Jamming with Chai's bass. Or not :P


Compulsory camwhore session. LOL

Presenting to you, Mi Corazón.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Nerd On Frozen lake


I had 6 days of holidays last week as all of us skipped the 3 days of Neurology lecture and on the 4th day was declared as a holiday due to Pirogov Conference. So yea, I had my sufficient rest since Saturday right to Thursday. Had been snowing the past few days before that. It was that particularly sunny day so I decided to take some pictures at the park opposite our hostel.

The path

Between trees

Up-to-date the lake is still frozen with snows covering the icy waters. So yea, you can walk on top of the lake and its cool oh yea! haha.

Wow, my calves looked slim in this picture :P

Weee! Let the wind blow on me~

My casual photographer who wants to remain anonymous was so hilarious and amusing that day. I couldn't stop laughing. 90% of the pictures were of me laughing like a mad woman. You'll see them as you scroll down.


Feeling Red as featured here.

Wanted to act kawaii.

Sexy legs. No?

Hands in pockets.

Laugh again. Till have to bend down with laughter.

Like this picture actually. Laughing like a mad woman. AGAIN!

Nerd on frozen lake as featured here:

A spot for the cold water lovers?

Anon asked me to point at the ' Do you like LSD?' graffiti. Apparently it's a type of drug. Yes or no?

Uncle who was having a stroll at the park.

A small resting place at the edge of the lake. Love how slim my legs looked again. hehe.

Yea. I am a poser, camwhorer.




Masquerade mask from Venice.