Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Nerd On Frozen lake


I had 6 days of holidays last week as all of us skipped the 3 days of Neurology lecture and on the 4th day was declared as a holiday due to Pirogov Conference. So yea, I had my sufficient rest since Saturday right to Thursday. Had been snowing the past few days before that. It was that particularly sunny day so I decided to take some pictures at the park opposite our hostel.

The path

Between trees

Up-to-date the lake is still frozen with snows covering the icy waters. So yea, you can walk on top of the lake and its cool oh yea! haha.

Wow, my calves looked slim in this picture :P

Weee! Let the wind blow on me~

My casual photographer who wants to remain anonymous was so hilarious and amusing that day. I couldn't stop laughing. 90% of the pictures were of me laughing like a mad woman. You'll see them as you scroll down.


Feeling Red as featured here.

Wanted to act kawaii.

Sexy legs. No?

Hands in pockets.

Laugh again. Till have to bend down with laughter.

Like this picture actually. Laughing like a mad woman. AGAIN!

Nerd on frozen lake as featured here:

A spot for the cold water lovers?

Anon asked me to point at the ' Do you like LSD?' graffiti. Apparently it's a type of drug. Yes or no?

Uncle who was having a stroll at the park.

A small resting place at the edge of the lake. Love how slim my legs looked again. hehe.

Yea. I am a poser, camwhorer.




Masquerade mask from Venice.

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