Monday, March 30, 2009

Clubbing in Spain

After more than a month of documenting my Winter trip 2009, it has come to the final destination, Barcelona.

These are the pictures taken during the eventful night on a packed Friday in my favorite city throughout the trip.

Eekim and I paid around 20euros per person for a night consisting of Sangria & Tapas for dinner, Flamingo dance and club hopping till dawn. It was worth every cent paid.

Amyksy in her new-buy shirt from Zara with tapas & sangria.

Its Charlie Brown from Australia :)

Yum Yum. But too little to be satisfied.

The people we met that night. It was CRAZEEEE! All of us were on a trishaw while taking this picture. Believe it or not!

Hehe. Siao & Fun people.

Bar hopping.

The flamingo dance.

Hot girl dancing.

She looks like a super model. LOL.

Red lights.

Amy, Hly Os, Eekim

Okay, he was drunk.

The deejays in the restroom. Hot eh!

Hot Spanish chickas.

Nick, Carmen, Charlie, Amy
(Its amazing how I still remember their names) hehe

Another one. Carmen's flawless in every picture!



Hot bartender.

Another one of them pic.

Presenting to you the All-American guy, Dena Barnes. It was his birthday that fateful night and all of us sang the birthday song for him. It was memorable. Oh, wonder why he's hot? He's a model and he's my age too. LOL

Catwalk club

Along the Barceloneta Beach at night.

A beautiful and high night to remember.

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