Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Fc Barcelona vs Mallorca

I think most football lovers would not miss a chance to catch some of the best FCs in action. Especially if it is home ground. Especially if it's the infamous FC Barcelona performing in......



Barcelona Stadium!

The two teams at the beginning of the game.

The massive crowd. Awesome stadium!

Ok, Mallorca had the edge in this picture.

With the Canadians, Korie & Annie

A football match is not complete without a cup of beer :P

Love the pic.

29th minute. Fc Barcelona scored 2 goals.

Another cute guy. Forgot where he is from and his name. LOL.
He looks like Ryan Phillipe to me. :)

Beginning of the game. Still very much empty stadium.

Thiery Henry's giant poster.

Presenting to you, Bruno Reganati, Brazillian friend.

The whole bunch of us from the same hostel went to the stadium together.

Roommates in the Barcelona hostel excluding Ryan Phillipe :P :P haha!

*Taken when Fc Barcelona scored a goal. Must see! Bruno's background voice as he too was recording that time. Haha.*

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