Wednesday, January 06, 2010


What's with people nowadays? I thought there is freedom to express own self as long as its within the limitations. I bet there's a handful of people who hate me for god-knows-what reasons. I live my own life, I am not bothered with other people's business, I hang out with my close friends, do my own shit. Still people always have something to say about me.

Firstly this is my blog. So what's wrong with making it into a photo-blog, unconsciously. I have been really lazy lately, I think it is due to the fact that I own a dslr now and photography is my new found love since 6 months ago. I appreciate you guys who made me realize, yea, my blog turned lifeless and heck its time to make it alive! So anon, thanks for the words of advice I will take them into consideration.

What really pisses me off is the extend of someone will go just to tell you they hate you. I was on my way to my glorious shopping outing today, and my phone buzzed. This came through from megafon FREE SMS (why so cheapskate, can't send with your own phone number is it):

'Hey for goodness sake u look damn fat and a like king kong in the photo! where is your professional photographer! dont be a eyesore in fb!'

The weird thing is, I did not felt hurt or humiliated in fact I felt highly amused by it. First, what's with the bad command of english? Can't differentiate between a and an. WTF. LOL. I guess the sms was due to that bunch of pictures a friend posted without going through the filtering process which ended up in all the unflattering pictures of me were published all over fb which I have all untagged. I really want to know who's the mastermind behind this. I am guessing it's someone close cause the person knows my contact number. LOL.

Ok, guys/girls. If you're dissatisfied with me, just say it to my face. Voice it out and don't bother trying to mask yourself and be a wimp!



For stress-relieving purposes (exams and all)



leong said...

i always believe in one thing, n that is if you're true to yourself, ur not commiting any huge sins, ur okay. there are so many people out there, who are jealous of soooo many things, they want to bring you down even when they dont know you, just to make themself feel superior. so really, try not to give a damn about this morons, because at the end of the day, what matters most is what u think of yourself! screw them amy!

AmyKsy said...

thx leong for the support :)