Monday, January 11, 2010

Metropolis Shopping Spree

It happened one of the days last week. Apparently there's major Winter Sale going on here in Moscow. Many whom went to shopping malls came back holding numerous big paper bags! You guys know I have always been a shopaholic, so its ABNORMAL for me not to hit the malls. LOL. So I did! And came back with ALL THE LOVELY STUFF XD *loves* This was the second shopping outing as I went out the first time with Aiman to Kievskaya mall.

Aiman scratching his head

We love eating KFC spicy chicken wings!!


Nadia. I like her. Very confident and it is so easy to take her pictures :)


 Me..always the same friggin' pose. Sien.

3 girls. Nad tried to tickle me so that we can have a natural picture taken. LOL.

 While sipping coffee at Coffee House.

Aiman. Semattt.

Xmas tree

I love the ceiling and its ornaments~!


Full bod. I looked pale. Wasn't dressed up that day. Hehe. :)

Figured I'd do something new with my hair. Hence the scarf.

Love this final picture of mine :) :)