Thursday, April 23, 2009

Daily outfits

A few pictures for your eyes to feast before I am off for the weekend to Volgames 2009 at Volgograd!! Woooot wooott!! I can't wait! Time to trash the other teams man! :P Oh, I will be representing M2 for as you all know, Futsal (duh!) as well as athletic event, 4x100m relay! Omg, felt like I am back to high school! I can't wait to bring back some medals! Woohoo!~

I was browsing through my stats and I found this link. It's a translated babelfish version of my blog in mandarin. How cool is that? LOL.

My outfit on my first day of OZIZ class in the university. Normally my classes are at different hospitals.

2nd day of class and proceeding with taking pictures at the park opposite our hostel. It was a beautiful day if not for the cold wind.

Outfit 3

Weekend trip to Kropotkinskaya. Jimmy wanted to take some pictures so I accompanied. We were supposed to go Vorobiuri Gori but there were too many hooligans around and there wasn't any sun (It was a day before Hitler's birthday) so we went to Kropotkinskaya. Too bad the church was closed since it was already 6pm but we managed to capture some gorgeous shots. More pictures in the future.


ming siew said...

heys!lurve your style!where do u get all ur bajus?all are damn a medical student too, but sigh, its really hot in malaysia and oh well, no chance to dress up with those vest n coats etc.i hate excessive vit D la, im tan nw n i dnt like is nt really permitte din my school u knw, they tend to say that you are overdressed n not serious with wht ur doing.haih, why can we hv both rite?nyways, nice pictures, hope to see more pretty ones!

AmyKsy said...

hahahaha...thanks ming siew. all the clothes i get from zara or topshop. i love going to bazaars and flea markets in msia as i can get a lot of great stuff from there. yea, its bad to be in msia all yr round cause u cant dress up and layer your clothing. :P i can't wait to be tan and be under the sun. yea, i get that statement about being overdressed all the time, but i am usually really low profile on most days, just loves dressing up on special occasions or when i have the mood to or during my photoshoot sessions.
keep loving what you do and what you wear alright cause it gives you the confidence that you need. dropped by your blog too :)