Friday, February 29, 2008

planeta sushi turn to kfc~

It was a lovely Monday morning, all of us already decided to head for planeta sushi buffet. When we reached we were sad to find out that it was off for the day because it's holiday in conjunction with Men's day. -_-'' Dejected and disappointed we headed to rostik for lunch instead and had quite an enjoyable time together. We must go sushi again next week k! I want BUFFET!!!!

2 buckets of chics

Us without Kristof

With the birthday boy, Mohan

Me with the chic!

The guys

Mmm..nice to makan

All of us

We posed outside the shopping mall for so long! Lol

We all look so nice except for Eekim who is doing the 'M' sign for Mohan -_-''


They said my pose too 'yeng' so they join in too :P



We are strong!



Planeta sushi sign at the back!

Each and everyone one of the girls are told to pose with the grocery they like best. For me, its definitely the green tea!

Eekim's milk powder

Sooj like instant noodles! Haha

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