Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Japanese and Korean food back to back~

Woohoo..I must be one of the luckiest person around :) Went Planeta sushi for dinner with GY last Monday. The food was F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C!!!! Sworn could have just fainted after eating a piece of their unagi maki. I know I know, all I eat of sushi is unagi. But since its expensive to eat sushi in Moscow, I'll try the other sushis out when I am back in Malaysia ok! Jap buffet what do you say people? Mei!!! Jogoya!!! :D :D haha.. The ambiance at Frunzen's Planeta Sushi was great. Better than Novi Cheremuski's one plus we can order from any other joined restaurant eg: TGIF, Patio, etc etc.

We ended our hearty dinner with mud pie from TGIF for dessert...UMPHH, delicious..:) Headed home straight after. THANKS for the dinner GY :)

Our food


How could I not take a picture in such a nice restaurant :P

Thanks to the waitress for this pic

GY and I, finally a picture together after knowing each other for quite long :)



Right after Opeha class Eekim was suggesting we go to this nice and cheap Korean restaurant near uni. So we asked a few person in the end 4 of us *Seah Tan, Eekim, Kristof and mua* walked all the way to Gastinitsa Saliot *I think* quite far and cold!!! But still nothing could bring our spirits down for some Korean food..But the moment we saw the restaurant we know something was WRONG. The door was CLOSED!!! No one inside! Sigh, closed down I suppose. Went to the next door Korean shop but its closed down too. Talk about bad luck!

We decided not to give up and go into the hotel but syok to find out there's another way to another Korean restaurant. I quickly lead them down and soon find this secluded Korean restaurant! We got the WHOLE room by ourselves! Cool isn't it? I think it's because we were too noisy to be given a seat outside. HAHA. Needless to say we took pictures like mad even though I had the sleepy face all the while -_-'' Food was good though it's a bit expensive. Kristof was in 'THE' mood to treat all the girls this time around. So we're a bunch of HAPPY, SATISFIED girls after lunch :) We should hang out like this more often, sipping on some green tea, eating kim chi, chit-chat and all. What a bliss in life!

yum yum no? hehe

The camwhore queens Lol


Yay. happy friends!

Our appetizers. We refilled for like 4 times! Pai seh

*Eat gracefully* quoted from Kristof

We're not going to lose to them! :P

Ice coffee for free..

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