Friday, November 14, 2008

Converse and Circus

Outings dated 2 weeks back. Late update due to photo shoots for the past 2 weeks. Went Richnoi Vokzal with Dinesh one of the days during the 4 days break. I was dying to see some gorgeous sneakers which he assured me will be feast for the eyes. Let's just say I was ecstatic when I saw some of the shoes that we can only ogle online and are deemed unavailable in Malaysia's market.

Us trying the beanie head gear. OMG. Those are totally GORGEOUS. But too bad it's overpriced! 950rubles for one! WTH!

Obscene poster at one of the shops

Yeah. He's cool ain't it.

Circus at Prospect Vernadskava.

Opening act

Juggling performance

Full house

Mongolian contortionists

Agile and extremely flexible.

Lions and tigers.

Bike show.

Half time. Like the outcome of this picture!

Male gymnasts.

The girls: Shu Shien, Amy, Eekim

During the beginning of the show, we were happy.

And then it got bored when they were having some basic juggling shows. Aih.

Magical colors.

The end.

BoonBeng got strangled by me. Haha.

The whole bunch of us excluding James, who was the one who snapped the picture.

Circus shoots taken by your blogger, Amyksy using Canon Ixus 80IS.

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