Sunday, November 16, 2008

Let it all out!

The wandering mouths of people. Sometimes I do wonder if what humans like to do are just gossiping and talking crap about others. I will not say that I am that 'holy' in that sense. Sometimes I will be complaining about people that I dislike or who have been unseemly rude and annoying. 

I hate it when I do the things I do with pride and dignity but some how those 'keypohchi' people will distort the truth, add their own spices in it and hence a great story well-written.

I don't see the wrong in involving myself in certain activities which may seem 'taboo' to certain people. Having PDA with another fellow model for work and professional purposes doesn't make me a 'whore' or a cheapo. I am just fulfilling my job as a picture model. And who are you to say we don't have what it takes to be photographed? Or the male model is horrid looking and so is the female one? 

Going out with guys who are my close friends one on one doesn't make me a player. What is wrong with going out with guy friends who are better looking than your own boyfriend? Jealous?
Having other friends from another university and hanging out with them more than the peeps in my uni doesn't make me a socially dysfunction. I just don't like to hang out with fake people.

I wish that I can do the things I do without people chipping in, giving me their own side of 'unwanted' ideas and insults. I don't need them. You live your life. I live mine. Simple.

Having said that, *sighs* I rest my case.

On a happier note,

GO GO PEBBLES! Hehe. Our team has won yet again on our 2nd game for the futsal league. 1-0 against Wild Chickas frm M1.

Spirits to fight, the urge to WIN! :)

1st game: G.I.A vs Pebbles , 0-3 (won)

Team spirit!

Teammates (had to tie up my hair for maximum performance LOL)

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