Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Super. Cannot. Make. It

Below are my self-taken pictures. It has been ages since I cam-whored so if you EXCUSE ME, I would like to post a few of them here. Coincidentally Steph asked me out for dinner at Jasmine Korean Restaurant today since she's flying off to Malaysia tomorrow. So i took the dinner as an opportunity for me to 'make up' for the occasion since the last time I splashed any colors on my face was during Massad 1 month plus ago.

Oh, the eyeliner style was inspired initially by Amy Winehouse and then by JiaWei. So I tried it on. Don't think it turned out too well though.

Photoshop-ed like crazy..Red face monster

Half-hearted smile...

I am so vain you have no idea.

Tried on a sexy pout by fail miserably. I think I look like a Eurasian chick in this pic. Lol.

Another one.





My fav:

Amy's lousy pout.

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