Tuesday, June 17, 2008

5 down, 1 to go

Woooott..feel like I'm midway to cloud 9 already. 1 MORE FRIGGIN' FINAL TO GO, and I will be over and done with 3rd year...Wooot....Thursday, Pathology Anatomy, you better be 'guai' and good ok? Don't fail on me *puts on my best cheeky smile*

I think I'm turning into a 'homely' girl. Can you believe it? I was so contented after exam today I went straight to 'Perekrestok' the grocery store and bought lots of food and chicken. Plan to make myself a hearty delicious meal :) Cooking is fun~~~ Jwei correct? Lol.

She introduced me to this song, Jason Mraz, I'm yours. Find it nice. But on the way back from university today, this song of his kept playing in my head the whole time. Sing~~~

I won't worry my life away....

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