Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Can't take it...

Aaaaaaaa...I'm loosing my mind! Have been locking myself up in the room for the past 2 weeks! Sigh, devoted to one and only thing worthy to do, and you guys should know what it is. Minus the hours when i am procrastinating . Why are the days passing by so slowly? I am going crazy already. I need air, open spaces, fun, laughter, and everything nice..

I am so UNSATISFIED with my hair condition now.....LOOK AT IT!!!!! Faded dye, half black half whatever brown it is, lots of split ends and DESPERATELY NEED A TRIM because it has been a YEAR since the last time I cut my hair.

HOW SAD IS THAT?? roarrrrr.....Please teleport me to Sri Hartamas now...Please....Please...

Just to prove my point, I took a few pictures of myself with my BAD hair condition...*sighs*






Do I resemble a lion? I feel like I'm having a lion's mane on top of my head instead of supposedly silky smooth hair -_-''

To make myself feel better, I resort to tying up my hair......

A forced smile through this harsh period

Get it over and done with quick!

I miss you, my super short 'chic' hair...

p/s: Felt so much better after Sinbad..yaya :)


-Something I don't need anymore-

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