Sunday, June 22, 2008

Doha transit

Yo peeps.

Didn't get to bid goodbye to everyone prior to departure. Was just too busy the day before flying off. Submitted my results to the office as well as getting the translation result letter chopped before going Ramstore for final withdrawal of money. Started cooking when I reached home. Invited a couple of friends over because I needed to finish all my food stock before I leave. Lol. I was the 'chef' of the night. So proud of myself. Haha. Kogi praised my cooking lalalalala..
We hung out and chatted the whole night through. It was 3am when we decided to end the night and I resumed my last minute packing plus showered. Hit the sack at 5am and woke up at 9am and got ready for the airport.

Now I am at the Doha transit. Sighs. 6 hours transit. What am I going to do here all alone?

Oh yea, you guys should CONSIDER sitting Qatar Airways next time. The service IS WAY BETTER THAN BEFORE! And there's individual screens for every passenger seats. Plus, the food was scrumptious. I was famished I ate 2 portions. 1 was the lamb thingie and another is the chicken one. Yum yum yum.....I am such a PIG.. LOL

Oh yea, I am so HAPPY!! I just bought Swarovski's crystal ear studs for my mom!!! So BEAUTIFUL man! Sigh I wish I was at the receiving end. Mama..I am sure you're going to love it....70usd though. Friggin' expensive. When is my turn to get one ar? The only one I have which I am still keeping until now cause I friggin' love the diamond ring was the 'D&P' which was like 5 years ago! LOL.

Anaand the puke boy, if you're reading this, I BOUGHT THE RUSSIA NIKE JERSEY!!! The one we saw at Mega? It was way cheaper at the airport since its tax free! Bought the white one for my beloved bro and it cost me 35 euros. I lost the RSMU jersey I made with my bro's name printed behind with the infamous number '7'. Just can't find it anywhere!! Was so frustrated ok!! Now, I can finally breath a sigh of relief now that I bought something to replace it. Can't wait to see his reaction when he sees the 'cun-ted' jersey!!

The shirt I bought at the Mega will be given to my father. So then EVERYONE IN THE HOUSEHOLD will be happy. Just hope they won't scold me for spending money but it's from my savings. Should be alright I guess.

Moscow, I am going to miss you k? See you in September darling! Oh, I will be updating my blog quite often but not as often as before. So you guys stay tune k?

*Signing off*

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Michael said...

Hello. I'm glad to see you enjoyed your journing with Qatar Airways and it sure sounds like you had a nice trip. We look forward to taking you on your next great vacation!
All the best. Michael with Qatar Airways.