Tuesday, June 24, 2008


It started off being itchy, dry and flaky. When in contact with lotion, searing pain can be felt. Then the patches of redness will turn brown and became pigments on the the facial skin.

Overall, you will look darker with uneven skin tone.

THAT WAS WHAT HAPPEN TO ME! A week before I flew back my face started developing rashes. My precious PORCELAIN face...

Everyone asked what happen to my once 'pretty good' skin. Went to the beauty centre today and did the special treatment for allergic skin. Burn me a good rm120 for the facial + additional rm120 for the cleanser and cream I bought in dire to save my face! So PK now sigh.

Will be going to the salon with Mei and 1utama to meet Dude-y tomorrow as today was cancelled although we did meet up for some shopping near my house + a visit to my dad's shop.

Can't wait for tomorrow!!!!! Oh, I spent these two days doing Pilate's which I stopped for nearly a year as my room is too cramped up back in Moscow to be able to move and exercise in. Just hope to be fit before going for my beach escapade in 2 weeks time!! LALALALA

p/s: Bro likes the jersey I bought for him although he was being 'darn' cool about it saying he prefers if it's the Spain jersey because it looks nicer. pfft!!! But I am so forcing him to wear it on his birthday this Saturday. :)

*life's good*

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