Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Loving Tuesday!

Today was a productive day indeed! Finally got my friggin' hair done! Sigh. You guys have no idea I had been waiting the whole time for the hairstylist to lay her hands and scissors on my hair because it took 2 hours to dye my hair before cutting it! I told her, 'No more BOB for me please!' and she replied 'No no, not going to cut BOB for you my dear. Lets do something more feminine for you.'


Waiting for her to cut my hair after dye + wash + blow

While waiting impatiently for the dye to stay. Mei done with her haircut already. Cute right?

Done. Loving it.

Camwhores in the car. LOL

'Mei mei, take a full body picture for me', I demanded.

We went over to 1 UTAMA to meet up with Dude. Aih, Mei was so right. He's always late. Deng you. Said meeting up at 3pm you only arrived at 4 something. Ishh. Thanks for the treat though. Tee hee.

Makan at BBQ Plaza. MY FAV RESTAURANT in 1UTAMA...wooot..sedap giler..

Long time no see punya 'zi mui'

The 'YAO MOU' Dude and Amy :)

Cutie Mei Mei

95% finished

2nd stop: KTZ tong sui *I showed a toothy smile, Mei with her pursed lip smile.*

*Vice versa*

Went window shopping at Forever 21. Mei convinced me to buy this white summer dress -_-''

Pose 1

Pose 2

2 of us

Honey dew Loh

My delicious Mango Loh. Yum Yum


Zi bao kai *Paper chicken* Kena conned though...

Damn Poser..

We parted our ways at 8.30pm. Next outing: Friday :)

p/s: Hows my new hair?Today's outfit by Mei's fashion blog. Visit here.

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