Saturday, June 28, 2008

Urbanscapes rocks!

Pic of yesterday

Hello ugly duckling. LOL. -_-''


All ready for the event~!

Kinkybluefairy!~ She's HOT..So happy to be able to meet her :)

Loving the sunnies~

Take me to where I want to be


Art exhibition


The polyester robot


Tongue in Chic

Loving the bazaar! Bought so many goodies!!! :D :D I am a HAPPY girl~~

Nice nice

Hot and sunny LAH!

I am a POSER...


Random performance



Pose and smile~

Lychee milk after basking under the sun.

p/s: Thanks for being my chauffeur and driver for the day. You know who you are :) Teehee~~

Time to get a new BAG...


b0mB§h€LL said...

oh u lucky girl! i wanted to go lor.. :( man if i knew u were going, could have asked u to take my vouchers that i got from TIC. :(
looks fun!

Reverie said...

wei!!!!! u ar...WHAT DOES TIC STANDS FOR? tic tac toe?

shopping voucher????

yerr..where u? coming bck kl anot? come lets go together to more of these events.

Am looking forward to the next 'cat got your tongue' party :D :D teehee~

b0mB§h€LL said...

HAHAHA! funny lah u.. not TIC TAC TOE! its Tongue in Chic la! hehehe!

yes.. :( cause i participated in the competition. oh well.

I'm not going back lerrr.. so sad right? :( :( i hope they;ll have more of this in dec!!! plss! :)

enjoy those events! cause i know i will!