Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Checking in

This whole week had been kind of a roller coaster ride for me. Well maybe only on Monday.

Saturday was fun. Went to Urbanscapes *blogged*.

Sunday was family day. We headed over to La Meridien Hotel for buffet in conjunction with bro's birthday. The food was great but too bad I did not have my camera with me.

Monday was the worst day ever! Like since I came back from Moscow.
The day started early. First went and summited my results for my study loan. Then, I had to accompany my dad to get some business done near Maju Junction. While crossing the road, my new shoe which I bought the day before broke! Agitated because I had to attend to another errand, we rushed into the nearest shopping mall and got myself a new shoe. Headed over to MSL Travel at PWTC to get my flight ticket done and then rushed over to Pavilion to meet up with my friends. I was already 1 HOUR + late for the outing. -_-''

As I reached the Sultan Ismail monorail station wanting to cross the street over to Pavilion, the NEW SHOE WHICH I BOUGHT LESS THAN 30 MINUTES AGO BROKE AGAIN!!!!!!

Like WTH! Seriously, it was like 'THE CURSE OF MY BIG, UGLY FEET'. I limped for like 15 minutes to Pavilion and called my friends for help. If it wasn't embarrassing enough, I limped in front of those people who were dining at the 'chic' restaurants that was along the way. Got myself a NEW SHOE *again* at Vincci.

On the way back, it was already around 6pm. Monorail was bursting with people. I squeezed myself into the train and you know what happen next?

FRIGGIN GOT MOLESTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The perverted Chinese formal wearing late 20s stupid guy who was standing right in front of me while I was crushed like sardine inside the train kept fumbling with my CROTCH!

I stood there, dumbfounded. I couldn't do anything. I can't bring myself to make drama in the train people will think I am nuts. I felt so stupid. I tried to move away. The next thing I know, the train stopped at the next stop and the stupid M. F**ker got off the station and pretended nothing ever HAPPENED.

Like seriously WTH!!!!!! I was so pissed with myself, my bro, and the inability to travel in KL by driving a car I was practically blaming everyone at fault! Maybe I shouldn't be wearing miniskirt at all although it's scotching HOT in KL I can't wear anything that falls below my knees!

I hope the next time I am forced to travel using monorail WOULDN'T BE ANYTIME SOON!!!!


p/s: On a happier note, I will be leaving for my trip on Sunday. Hope it'll be a GREAT ONE. It will :)

p.p/s: Tongue ulcer's killing me. Causing me fever + unbearable pain. Heal faster k! Sighs. I want to eat more food. LOL

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