Friday, July 04, 2008

PY's birthday party

The birthday girl

2nd July, our beloved Phoi Ying's 21st birthday party. Gosh, haven't seen this girl for almost a year since we're both studying abroad. She had her annual steamboat party at her place. Around 15 people were invited. I was one of the latest to arrive. -_-'' It was fun meeting up with the old friends. I am truly glad all of us came a long way. Although we're miles apart most of the time, we'll all gathered together every year to catch up with each other. Hehe. Food was great! The birthday girl had her cake and birthday wish and we chit-chatted until around 11pm. The last 5 of us decided to hang out at the nearby Steven's Corner after the rest had left. Ate again. Lol. Fattening I know, but just can't help it! Hopefully will see them a few more times before my holiday ends!~ Thanks PY for the invitation :D

The table filled with food

Choy and mua...we came a long way. Since primary school! Sei soh poh. LOL

Shin Yin aka Amy, Siew, Jessica

The London couple with me being the lamp post

3 old friends. Just like our Form 5 days. Old already...sighs

Mich, Amy, Mel, Mei

Jwei being her usual self.

Need I say more? I felt so under-dressed.


The Aussie Yan

It's always camwhoring session after food.

Pretty MunFoong and I

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