Sunday, July 06, 2008

Malacca Part 1

We starting driving from KL to Malacca at 1030am. It was raining all the way through. But we reached right before 12pm. Sam and his brother, Joshua came to pick us up from the Ayer Keroh Tol Station and we began our Malacca journey from there.

First stop

Mee Suah, Malacca's delicacy..quite nice :)

Happy eating~

2nd stop: Cendol


Jwei's turn

You guys will be seeing more of us later..

Sunflower boy

The driver: Sam

3rd stop: Chicken rice shop

Siew yok, yum yum

When they have nothing better to do


Black and white candid

Next post: Being all touristy

Ford A'famosa

p/s: Next post after my vacation~
Happy Hols everyone!

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