Thursday, May 22, 2008

The final

Like in the previous stated post, the Champion's League final was held miraculously in Moscow, Russia and we were quite lucky to be able watch the match although we had to watch it at the comfort of our own hostel rooms. Lol. The cheapest ticket can easily reach 200 euros.

Yay got to take a pic with the giant ball!

I was previously stating how frustrated I was when I missed the few days of the exhibition which was held in Red Square and I had that 'last day' to experience it. By hook or by crook I need to be there. I actually departed from the hostel to the center around 11.30am with a friend of mine , Nana but unfortunately our next class was scheduled at 1.00pm. Desperate and with little time to spare, we were hoping that everything will be a breeze, so we can grab some freebies and take some memorable pictures. But once arrived, we were shock to find out that the entrance was closed and we had to wait for an hour for it to be reopened again. Dejected and disappointed we left the place and headed for our ID class that we were already late for almost 40 mins! Attendance taken, and the class ended on not really a happy note.

Nevertheless, I joined my football manic friends, Sam, Balshoi and Moyie to the center yet again! This time around it was FUN! We had a great time walking around the booths, took free pins, posed for some nice pictures, watched a short movie about the past achievements of Champs League, and lastly, all of us posed with 2 kids that were acting like statues, changing their poses every 2 mins.

Posing at the entrance

With the Ford mascot

Junior football competition

The trophy room where the genuine replica of the trophy was exhibited

Moscow 2008

While queuing up the movie to start, we took notice of this cute guy there! The one with the blue shorts!

I took up the courage to ask for a picture with him, and he blushed. Lol. Cute little kid. One of the finalist for the below 16 football competition. * But he's so tall*

Posing under the rain

The screen

The souvenir room..


Chelsea, Liverpool

It's Kaka..

Outside the theatre room

The infamous referee

St Basil on a rainy day

Chelsea booth

One of the best finals ever..

Face painting

We got ours too!

MU fan

The cute couple

The teddy

Isaac and Shafiq.

Standing still

I am one of them? :P

Sticking the tongue out

Jo what you doing?

My hand was at the wrong angle!

That woman gave that kid a real wet kiss!

LOL. Trashed

What was I thinking? LOL

Chelsea against MU

Your 'ketiak' stinks..

Trying to grab his juicy ass..

The never-ending posers.

Main tumbuk

Blah la you Chelsea, by Sam

Gimme a kiss.. lol


Finally a normal picture


Chelsea Chelsea!

But Ronaldo is still the cutest :P

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