Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mercutio's fall

One year had passed that was bitter and sweet,
The scent of last spring and summer lingers,
With love that was so innocent and true,
Bright and sunny that special day was,
The river cruise that took our breath away,
Hundreds of pictures we took in reminiscence,
The fun and laughter that filled the summer's day,
The romantic star-gazing nights,
Plainly enjoying each other's presence,
All those were left as remembrance,
The 'us' that was never meant to be,
The love that we chose to foresake,
The romance that faded away,
And that was when we walked our separate ways,
The heart ached and screamed in agony,
For what seemed like an eternity,
Autumn, winter and spring come and go,
Fallen leaves replaced by buds anew,
And the days became better each passing day,
With strength given from up above,
I had more courage to leave everything behind,
Every step I made felt so right,
Gone were the times I longed for your undying affection,
Gone were the times I miss the sound of your melodious voice,
What's left is just a hope for you to be blessed and well,
A simple wish just for you,
Cheers to the 'us' I thought we could be.

'Happy 1st anniversary'


C.l.i.c.H.e G.a.L said...

i dunno what had happened... but I pray to God to mend your heart.. Cheer up gal coz many wants to see the cheerful and bubbly Amy.. ^_^

Reverie said...

hey girl! I am great no worries! :) hehe, just a poem to express my inner thoughts. good luck in ur finals darl:)